Oliver Wrase

Oliver Wrase juggles with words and phrases in his expert articles to provide his customers with the best. With his great affinity for online marketing topics, he never misses a trend. His main areas are online editorials, research and editorial consultancy.

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5 min 24.07.2017

Online Shop Optimization - the Path to the Perfect Product Description

Product descriptions are an important quality criterion for online shops. They give the visitor the most relevant information on an item in the shop, and, therefore, substantially contribute to whether or not a visitor jumps off the page, backs out or carries out the ordering process.

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3 min 06.03.2017

Achieve better rankings through relevance - Get to the point!

Google is dumb - Google knows everything. Between these two extremes is leeway for countless gradations that address the valuation and assessment of Google’s "Artificial Intelligence".

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