Roland Guelle

As CTO of Sevenval Technologies GmbH, founded in 1999, Roland Guelle is responsible for research and development. With around 170 employees in Cologne and Berlin, Sevenval has specialized in frontend solutions that enable a modern, fast and, above all, secure user experience based on historically grown IT system landscapes. Roland still develops himself today and likes to speak at developer conferences.

Contributions by Roland Guelle:

7 min 18.07.2022

How to measure page speed [plus 8 tools to try]

In order to improve your page speed, you first need to measure your loading times correctly. Here's a selection of free tools you can try out today.

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16 min 18.02.2022

Page speed optimization: How to improve your loading times

A slow website annoys visitors, and also gives negative indicators to Google. In this article, we explain what benchmarks you should be aiming for, which tools you can use to measure your page speed, and offer 24 ways to optimize your loading times.

27 shares Performance

3 min 26.03.2019

7 Front End Trends That Will Pick Up Massive Speed This Year

Front end technology is developing rapidly. Roland Guelle, CTO of Berlin & Cologne-based Sevenval Technologies, presents seven trends that are important today and in the future.

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