Tomek Rudzki

Tomek Rudzki

Tomek is strongly focused on technical SEO and making our clients' websites more visible in Google. He is interested in data analysis and trying to combine data from different sources. Tomek enjoys challenges. He says: “I am not afraid of messy websites. The worse the website is, the more we can do to help it rank better.” In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, hiking, and programming in Python. He is also learning JavaScript to understand the needs of modern websites better.

Contributions by Tomek Rudzki:

7 min 25.08.2020

5 things you didn’t know about Googlebot

Googlebot needs to crawl your website before it’s displayed to users in the search results. Although this an essential step, it doesn’t get as much attention as many other topics. I think it’s in part because Google doesn’t share a great deal of information on exactly how Googlebot crawls the web.

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