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6 min 19.11.2017

Google AdWords: How to Analyze Competition with the Auction Insights Report

Google AdWords is a good way for website operators to generate paid traffic within a short period of time. But how can I compare my performance with that of my competitors?

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6 min 13.10.2017

Ad design with Google AdWords - 10 Easily Avoidable Errors

In the past, when German courts dealt with Google AdWords, this almost always concerned brand bidding.

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7 min 11.10.2017

Brand Bidding as a Tool for Website Success

Using protected brands or company names of competitors as keywords for your own Google Adwords campaign is nothing new anymore. Or is it?

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8 min 08.09.2017

The Perfect Analytics Dashboard

Web analysis is decisive for online success and is fundamental for data driven marketing. Find out practical tips for choosing your most important KPIs using analytics dashboards.

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6 min 25.08.2017

In-Store Visits – How to Combine the Measurement of Your Online and Offline Conversions

Measuring the relationship between online and offline statistics has been one of the biggest challenges since the founding of the internet. In-store trade is still significant despite the increasing digitalization in recent years.

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10 min 03.05.2017

Blockchain Technology in Online Marketing: Reconquer Your Lost Independence

In November 2008 a trailblazing specialist article on IT history was published under the pseudonym "Satoshi Nakamoto" : "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System".

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5 min 27.04.2017

A Practical Guide to Amazon SEO: How to do it!

Amazon is not only one of the largest online shops and marketplaces on the web, but also the most important source of information for consumers when it comes to products of all types.

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6 min 25.04.2017

User Behavior and Conversion Optimization – Behavior Models for More Conversions

Conversion optimization is one of the biggest challenges facing online shop operators. It’s so much easier to organize and acquire visits to your shop than it is to get those visitors to also order in the shop.

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7 min 17.03.2017

5 Tips to Increase Your Shopping Cart Value – Optimize Your Online Shop

In shop optimization, the conversion rate is usually the central KPI in focus. And it’s true that this key figure strongly influences the success of e-commerce.

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6 min 09.03.2017

Tag Manager: bring your web analysis to the next level

Every online marketer uses web analytics software to measure the success of marketing campaigns and of their company on the web.

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7 min 08.03.2017

Out of the comfort zone: 5 'uncomfortable' practice tips for successful Facebook Ads

For many, Facebook Ads are still a black box: too many opportunities and apparently endless variations in targeting and in the creation of competitive materials. I admit, it’s easy to lose sight of the overview.

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4 min 28.02.2017

Use 360-degree photos and videos for online marketing

360-degree photos are nothing new in and of themselves. For several years, already, there have been photographers and providers that could create such images using costlier technology and thus higher investment costs.

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