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4 min 28.02.2017

Use 360-degree photos and videos for online marketing

360-degree photos are nothing new in and of themselves. For several years, already, there have been photographers and providers that could create such images using costlier technology and thus higher investment costs.

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6 min 27.02.2017

Minimize the number of returns - 5 tips how to optimize your online shop

Even if low in number, unnecessary returns present a considerable potential for revenue growth in e-commerce. A return is unnecessary when it is based on an avoidable decision error on the part of the customer.

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6 min 24.02.2017

Applied neuroscience 2017 - More than just marketing?

When we talk about applied neuroscience, that is, the use of neuroscientific methods in studies that do not primarily serve a scientific purpose, the discussion – as of November 2016 – usually involves one of two topics.

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4 min 31.01.2017

Why email budgets will grow in 2017

Everyone is talking about Snapchat and Instagram - but the largest number of company sales still comes from search engines and emails.

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7 min 27.01.2017

Customer Lifetime Value – a KPI and its pitfalls

The plethora of key indicators available for e-commerce and online marketing presents a challenge for online marketers and business leaders. Which indicators are important enough to become KPIs?

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2 min 20.01.2017

Geo-fencing as a Marketing Tool

The trend can’t be ignored: the proportion of location-based advertising (Location-Based Marketing) is increasing rapidly and is a new and important marketing tool for retail locations to connect directly with clients at the point of sale.

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8 min 19.01.2017

5 top challenges to your analytics data accuracy and how to overcome them

Web analytics is one of top tools used by modern sales and marketing teams. It's practically inconceivable to make serious business decisions without having solid numbers on your website performance.

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6 min 17.01.2017

KPI Shortcuts in Online-Marketing and E-Commerce

There are often so many key performance indicators in online marketing and e-commerce that we reach overkill. That’s why it is so important to use KPIs in a way that is really helpful.

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4 min 12.01.2017

Pros and Cons of Influencer Marketing – Best Practice Tips for Beginners

Social media offers an almost endless outreach; many new users are reached everyday via channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.

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3 min 05.01.2017

3 Statements from Daniel Herndler: Why SEO matters

Search Engine Optimization continues to be undervalued by many companies. Statements like "Everyone knows our brand; they’ll find us" abound. But there are good reasons to pay attention to SEO that are often overlooked.

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6 min 15.12.2016

AdWords Christmas Tips – Big shopping

Preparations for the 2016 Christmas business are already in full swing. First sales records will have been achieved by as early as late November during the cyber week, and companies are battling it off with promotions, trying to draw consumer interests to their products.

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9 min 09.12.2016

Newsletter optimization: This is how you get (even) more out of one of the best marketing channels

The newsletter is one of the most powerful marketing tools: The recipients form the perfect target group since they are usually very interested in your brand or rather your product. Conversion rates of more than 30% after a click on the website occur every day.

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