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6 min 22.11.2016

Artificial Intelligence and Web Design

The topic of artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important in today's society. In this article, we look into how this could have an impact on web design.

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2 min 11.11.2016

What the Walking Dead taught me about the future of consumer loyalty

The digital revolution has eroded my attention span. It’s made me impatient. It’s saturated my waking hours with distractions, media, advertising and content. I live in a constant barrage of stuff, vying for my attention around the clock.

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5 min 07.11.2016

5 tips for beginners – this is how you use videos for online marketing

Attention guaranteed: Over the last years, videos have become an important tool for the online marketing sector, even though this medium has only been accessible to a broad public for a few years. It took the invention of broadband internet to solidify the role of moving images in the online world.

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3 min 26.10.2016

Customer journey and purchase motivation – The right information at the right time

Motives for actions and purchases are probably as diverse as mankind itself. They depend on our experiences, interests, emotions, and moods. However, such a complex array of influencing factors makes it difficult to work constructively in the field of marketing.

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4 min 21.09.2016

New ad format – The enhanced text ads

What exactly has been going on with Google? Definitely what many online marketing experts have been wondering. Profound changes, one after the other, have been taking place in AdWords despite the advertising business being one of Google’s main sources of revenue. The last highlight of this wave of innovation must be the introduction of enhanced text ads (ETA), which will be the main focus of this article.

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9 min 05.09.2016

Market segmentation in keyword marketing

Keyword marketing is one of the most important levers in search engine marketing. It largely entails research and selection of keywords that are appropriate for SEO and SEA. Since this step is usually conducted at an early stage in search engine marketing, the right choice of keywords holds an enormous potential.

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7 min 25.08.2016

The top 3 Internet trends in 2016 by Mary Meeker/KPCB

Every year in early summer, Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (KPCB) provides a report on the top "Internet Trends". The report is presented by Mary Meeker, a star analyst with a focus on the Internet & new technologies.

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5 min 09.08.2016

Local AdWords: 3 creative ideas for locally targeted AdWords campaigns

Nowadays, the highly competitive market requires online advertisers to be extremely creative in order to survive. The steadily rising click costs (CPCs) are a major challenge in this case.

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6 min 04.08.2016

From corporate planning to the online marketing budget – How to define your SEM and SEO investment

Setting an online marketing budget for the different channels is always a great challenge for any online marketer. The dynamic online market and the ever increasing number of competitors make it difficult to choose SEO and SEM investments as main channels.

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9 min 21.06.2016

One global domain vs. multiple TLDs for an international brand? 841 percent visibility boost - case study.

In the hype of all the recent changes in marketing, it is easy to forget about the global strategy for your business. SEO is about constantly moving from a deep focus on details like code quality and technical SEO, to a global view of your client’s business - like the one described in this case study.

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1 min 06.06.2016

Infographic: 10 tips for your successful website relaunch

From exact planning, to tracking, to detailed monitoring – our latest infographic helps you step by step on your way to the perfect website relaunch.

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4 min 20.05.2016

Google Analytics Autotrack

Google introduced a new function on Google Analytics in mid-February: Autotrack. This article shows for whom this function is suited and how Autotrack can be integrated into the website.

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