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8 min 20.03.2018

What is Search Engine Optimization? A Beginners Guide to SEO

Whether you’re new to search engine optimization or just need a quick refresher, this beginners guide will bring you up to speed. This article provides an overview of fundamental SEO topics, in plain language, and recommends key industry tools to help you get started.

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4 min 20.12.2017

Tips for Optimizing Your Meta Descriptions

The title tag and meta description are the visible elements of every website in the SERPs. Find out in this article how to optimize your meta descriptions.

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9 min 27.11.2017

Practical Insights on Winning Featured Snippets – Findings from Sixt

In this article, I explain why it's so important to get with the trend of featured snippets, best practices into achieving them, and some nice case studies from our efforts on Sixt's domains.

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1 min 16.11.2017

The All-Inclusive SEO Starter Kit From Ryte & HubSpot

Ryte and HubSpot have once again joined forces to provide you with the ultimate SEO kit! Get your free starter kit now!

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5 min 15.11.2017

Google's Featured Snippets: A Practical Guide

Google displays Featured Snippets in the search results for specific search queries. This article gives a useful overview of the different types of featured snippets, and how you can optimize your content to improve your chances of your website being displayed as a featured snippet.

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5 min 07.08.2017

Wikipedia Case Study - 8 Tips for Optimizing Technical Terms

There are various assumptions as to why Wikipedia usually appears in search results, often in 1st place. The reasons range from an extremely strong domain authority to good internal linking, leading to preference by Google.

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6 min 02.05.2017

Semantic SEO Guide

Search engines are currently undergoing a significant evolution in the area of artificial intelligence. In contrast to the original keyword search, Google, with the help of RankBrain and Co., gathers the complete contents of a site and discerns the semantic relationships to deliver the relevant search results to users.

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6 min 06.04.2017

XXL Snippet Guide

How are rich snippets and "normal" snippets differentiated in the Google search results? How do I ensure that my web presence is evaluated through ratings, stars, photos, or other information?

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10 min 05.04.2017

Common SEO Mistakes and How You Can Fix Them

Search engine optimization is continuous work and only ensures long-lasting success when many individual steps align. Even small errors can cause big problems in the SEO "gearbox".

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1 min 28.03.2017

SEO for Amazon's Alexa - More Orders via the Personal Voice Assistant

Alexa, the digital and personal voice assistant in Amazon Echo, has already been active in households and offices for several months even in this country.

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4 min 10.03.2017

Practical guide for successful meta descriptions - including 7 inspiring examples

Meta descriptions certainly aren’t the part of search engine optimization that stresses you into biting your nails. But those 150 characters have more potential than you might think.

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1 min 17.01.2017

Free ebook: The Introductory Guide to Search Engine Optimization in 2017

Nowadays every company should be aware of how important search engine optimization is for their business. In this free ebook HubSpot & provide useful tips about what it takes to get better rankings for your website.

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