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6 min 31.08.2022

Conversions and page speed, a natural pairing

Looking to boost your ecommerce sales? We explain the link between page speed and conversion rates, and offer 5 speed tips to help your site load faster.

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10 min 01.07.2022

Core Web Vitals: A practical guide for website owners

Google's Core Web Vitals were a major innovation for page experience in 2021. We explain why they matter, and how to ensure your website complies with them.

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8 min 21.04.2022

AMP guide: How to set up and test Accelerated Mobile Pages

In this article, we explain the pros and cons of Accelerated Mobile Pages for your website, how to implement them, and different tools to test them with. PLUS bonus checklist for using AMP.

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6 min 25.03.2022

How to compress images for your website

Images are one of the biggest culprits of slow loading times for websites. This has a negative effect on user experience. To ensure better loading times and better usability, compress your images with our guide.

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7 min 25.02.2022

How to compress HTML and other website code

Page speed is a key performance metric for your website. You can gain 40-70% if you compress HTML and other types of code. Here's how…

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16 min 18.02.2022

Page speed optimization: How to improve your loading times

A slow website annoys visitors, and also gives negative indicators to Google. In this article, we explain what benchmarks you should be aiming for, which tools you can use to measure your page speed, and offer 24 ways to optimize your loading times.

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3 min 14.02.2022

Rekindle the flame: 5 quick changes to make your website lovable again

Every relationship can use a little fresh spark sometimes. Especially around Valentine’s Day. And that includes the way your customers relate to your website.

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3 min 31.03.2021

Tips for your Easter egg hunt - or how to discover hidden website potentials!

Easter is just around the corner - and we can’t wait to get started on hunting Easter Eggs! Maybe the Easter Bunny has even hidden a few eggs on your website that you haven’t found yet. We’ll help you find them!

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6 min 19.03.2021

How to Measure Web Vitals Field Data with Google Tag Manager

Core Web Vitals will become a ranking factor from May 2021. Does your site meet the requirements or is there still a need for optimization? To find out, I'll show you how to use Google Tag Manager to measure and evaluate your users' Web Vitals data.

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