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4 min 07.03.2023

Open Graph tags are your secret to good CTR on social

Open Graph tags can significantly improve your click-through rate on social media. Learn what you need to know to successfully begin implementing them on your website.

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4 min 20.02.2023

10 key factors for website conversion optimization

Whether you run a corporate website or an online store, in the end, it's all about whether your website can convert visitors and customers.

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5 min 27.01.2023

Website conversions: 6 mistakes you should avoid

In this article, you will learn which conversion mistakes you should avoid at all costs on your website and what you can do to sustainably increase website conversions.

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15 min 19.12.2022

The ultimate guide to auditing websites

Discover why website audits are important for your business, define your website audit goals and more.

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5 min 22.08.2022

A hands-on guide to finding (then fixing) your broken links

If you land on a 404 error page while browsing a website, you probably clicked on a broken link or dead link that didn't lead you to your desired destination. Let us show you how to deal with broken links.

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5 min 19.08.2022

Website quality, the X-factor you can't ignore

We look at how the QA process works for websites, including UX, design, content, mobile-friendliness and more. Find out how to improve your website quality.

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5 min 27.04.2022

Website health: How to improve it, sustainably

A healthy website ensures long-term visibility, market reach and higher sales. In this article, we'll show you what to pay attention to when monitoring and optimizing your website, and share some free and paid tools to do so.

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10 min 10.12.2021

Redirects: a beginner-friendly guide to changing URLs for SEO

From permanent 301s to temporary 302s (and more), redirects are crucial for migrating single webpages or whole domains. We explain what they are, how they work, and when to use them.

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6 min 27.10.2021

6 ways to use cognitive psychology to improve UX

Cognitive psychology refers to a psychology sub-discipline that explores internal mental processes. In this article, we examine how people consume and process online information, and offer 6 ways to improve your website UX accordingly.

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4 min 02.09.2021

Above the fold: How to build user-friendly websites

“Above the fold” is a term used to describe the area of a web page, which is visible to the user at first glance, without having to scroll.

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9 min 24.06.2021

Take the First Steps Towards Website User Experience

We all surf, search, shop, click, compare and purchase as end consumers on our smartphones and laptops. As website owners, we create project plans. optimize, and monitor our web properties in order to improve the way users find content from your website on search engines. This article introduces you to the world of website user experience and shares strategies proven to optimize sites for high-quality and memorable user interactions.

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7 min 11.03.2021

9 Common SEO Mistakes (& How To Fix Them)

Mistakes happen! We're all human. Here are 9 common SEO mistakes that may be impacting your search performance & how you can fix them.

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