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3 min 31.03.2021

Tips for your Easter egg hunt - or how to discover hidden website potentials!

Easter is just around the corner - and we can’t wait to get started on hunting Easter Eggs! Maybe the Easter Bunny has even hidden a few eggs on your website that you haven’t found yet. We’ll help you find them!

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7 min 11.03.2021

9 Common SEO Mistakes (& How To Fix Them)

Mistakes happen! We're all human. Here are 9 common SEO mistakes that may be impacting your search performance & how you can fix them.

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8 min 14.01.2021

How to update old website content by republishing and refurbishing

Republishing and refurbishing is the ideal way to breathe new life into old content on your website. Maximize qualified traffic and improve the content experience on your website by learning which content to republish and refurbish and how to integrate it into your content workflow.

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7 min 20.03.2020

How to diagnose and deal with faceted search problems

Are you struggling to control all the different URLs automatically created by faceted search issues on your site? Let's fix that.

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