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7 min 14.02.2022

Combine organic and paid Instagram marketing for explosive growth

Here's why you should try both paid and non-paid options for reaching Instagram users – plus 5 high-impact ideas to try for your business today.

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7 min 27.01.2020

5 Organic Twitter Hacks That Put The Social Back In Social Media

Discover 5 ways to find engaged audiences on Twitter and activate them with the right tactics

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4 min 04.12.2017

How Chatbots Boost Content Promotion

Content marketing has undergone a huge shift in the last few years. In this article, we explain how chatbots can help you overhaul your content strategy.

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6 min 17.08.2017

How to Optimize Your Facebook Page

Around 2 billion people worldwide use Facebook to communicate actively with one another, to exchange views, and to obtain information about companies, products and services.

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7 min 28.07.2017

Measuring Success in Social Media Marketing

For the majority of businesses, Social Media Marketing is one of the standard marketing channels and instruments. But just how effective is Social Media Marketing really? The answer to this not-unimportant question depends on who you ask.

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5 min 14.06.2017

Facebook Live: The 5 Best Options for Greater Reach

Facebook Live has changed the world of marketing. Think back just a few years: only TV and radio channels could connect directly with their own target audiences.

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7 min 08.03.2017

Out of the comfort zone: 5 'uncomfortable' practice tips for successful Facebook Ads

For many, Facebook Ads are still a black box: too many opportunities and apparently endless variations in targeting and in the creation of competitive materials. I admit, it’s easy to lose sight of the overview.

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4 min 28.02.2017

Use 360-degree photos and videos for online marketing

360-degree photos are nothing new in and of themselves. For several years, already, there have been photographers and providers that could create such images using costlier technology and thus higher investment costs.

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5 min 02.02.2017

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

It’s that time again: a new year has begun. Let’s leave the retrospectives to others and instead look ahead to the important digital marketing trends of 2017.

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4 min 26.01.2017

Using Instagram Stories in Online Marketing

Almost every day, the Facebook corporation is bringing new features to the market that more or less adopt features from their competitors, especially Snapchat. One of these features is the so-called Instagram Stories, which was revealed and introduced in August 2016 as Facebook’s answer to Snapchat Stories.

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7 min 15.11.2016

Conversational commerce via Facebook Messenger: the future of ecommerce?

Those who have no time shop online. An Amazon Prime membership, or Prime Now, is now part of the standard system where a purchase should arrive at the doorstep in the next 60 minutes to 24 hours.

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5 min 06.09.2016

Snapchat as a marketing tool

With the right know-how, Snapchat can be a great tool for winning over different customer groups. The instant messaging app is particularly popular among the youth and provides you with a perfect opportunity to build a new, interesting community with which you can communicate regularly.

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