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4 min 12.01.2018

6 Free Tools to Test Page Speed

Slow loading times are the number one conversion killer! In this article, we introduce six tools that can help you optimize your page speed.

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8 min 04.01.2018

How to Make Sure Your Website Content is Indexable

Make it easy for Google to crawl your website to ensure efficient crawling and faster indexing.

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1 min 16.11.2017

The All-Inclusive SEO Starter Kit From Ryte & HubSpot

Ryte and HubSpot have once again joined forces to provide you with the ultimate SEO kit! Get your free starter kit now!

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7 min 03.11.2017

How to Set up an SSL Certificate: The Steps to an Encrypted Website

For a long time, webmasters viewed an SSL encryption as simply nice to have. However, it offers more advantages than you might think.

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5 min 27.10.2017

Why Should You Configure 404 Error Pages?

In this article you‘ll find out why 404 error pages are important, and how you can configure them on your website.

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3 min 25.10.2017

The 5 Scary Monsters of Website Optimization

Halloween is just around the corner, but scary creatures aren’t just carrying out their mischievous deeds on this night!

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3 min 18.08.2017

Google & HTTPS: What You Now Need to Know

On August 17, 2017, Google sent an email to operators of unencrypted websites warning them that from October 2017, their users would see a "not secure" notice.

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9 min 27.07.2017

From Jungle to Garden Plot: More Search Traffic Through Fewer URLs

Many websites resemble a URL jungle. This costs high rankings and traffic. You can prevent this by monitoring the URL scope of your website and identifying and removing unnecessary URLs.

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3 min 18.07.2017

The Monster of Website Optimization – the hreflang Monster

In this article, we'll show you how you can fight off the polyglot hreflang monster - the final article in our series the website optimization monsters .

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3 min 05.07.2017

The Monster of Website Optimization - The Redirects Monster

Whether a relaunch with a new domain or a change in Content Management System, redirecting is always necessary when websites are being restructured.

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3 min 28.06.2017

The Monster of Website Optimization - The Missing ALT Tags Monster

You should always label your images with ALT and title attributes in the source code so that search engines receive information about your images.

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3 min 27.06.2017

The Monster of Website Optimization - The Thin Content Monster

The key player in today's monster article is the cunning thin content monster. Until October 2014, it freely haunted the internet.

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