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4 min 23.02.2017

Neuromarketing - more than usability

Yes, there are websites that beg the question: How the heck can they survive? The page is so poorly designed, no one can find it!

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5 min 02.12.2016

7 beginner tips: Web design basics for better conversion rates

A good conversion rate is the goal of every website operator and is crucial for the success of a website. Conversion rate refers to the percentage of website visitors who perform a desired action, mostly a purchase or order placement.

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4 min 23.08.2016

How Ryte Can Help Improve Your User Experience

A good user experience (UX) is essential for the success of every website: The better the user experience, the higher chance you have to generate conversions. At the same time, positive user signals like low bounce rate and high dwell times lead to better rankings in SERPs.

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6 min 08.08.2016

The first 10 seconds on your website – What matters most?

The first few seconds after loading a website are what determines whether or not the user will stay on the website.

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1 min 11.05.2016

Infographic: Let's fix the web

These days, many websites are too big, partially user-unfriendly and require an unnecessarily high development effort. Microsoft and determined some interesting facts about the web in 2016. See the results in this infographic.

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3 min 22.09.2015

Above the Fold – How to Build Websites Right

“Above the fold” is a term used to describe the area of a web page, which is visible to the user at first glance, without having to scroll. For years, site operators have been trying to position anything of importance, such as navigation, specific links and other important content at the top of the page.

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