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5 min 28.01.2019

How to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

As the importance of voice search continues to grow, the jury is still out on the best way to optimize content for it. However, there’s an emerging list of best practice that does seem to work exceptionally well. This article explores the top 4 ways to optimize your content for voice search.

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6 min 09.10.2017

Online Shops and Voice Search – Music of the Future or an Urgent Need for Action?

Steve Jobs is always good for a quote - from ‘‘Stay hungry, stay foolish‘‘ to ‘‘Think different‘‘, the broad scale of his business wisdom is no less inspiring.

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6 min 20.09.2017

How to Profit from Voice Interactions

Voice interactions and voice search are becoming increasingly important. Find out in this article how to make the most of this recent development.

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1 min 28.03.2017

SEO for Amazon's Alexa - More Orders via the Personal Voice Assistant

Alexa, the digital and personal voice assistant in Amazon Echo, has already been active in households and offices for several months even in this country.

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6 min 24.03.2017

Is Voice Search the Next Big Thing?

Google currently receives 64,000 search inquiries worldwide per second. But to be honest, who didn’t kind of expect this number? The incredibly large amount of data that they must have to process...

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