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Infographic: Important Status Codes

Bye bye 404-error pages! In our latest Infographic we compiled the most important status codes for you. This is how you can optimize the quality of your website sustainable.

"404-Page not found" - Who doesn't know that sentence? Especially in onlineshops, where the inventory changes all the time, error pages can occur cumulated. These generate negative effects in many ways: Not only do they frustrate your customer but also send bad signals to search engine bots.

For OnPage-Optimization the correct application of status codes is especially important to prevent for example crawling-mistakes or loss of ranking. To allow your very own users a perfect experience, website hosts should regulary check on the status codes of their website. In our latest infographic we clearly compiled the most important status codes, so you can see at first glance which server messages you should prevent in any case.


Happy Optimizing!


statuscode-mittext-01 Status Codes

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Published on Dec 7, 2016 by Eva Wagner