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Work smarter - not harder!

We present: Our new WUX Overview, with the all-new WUX Score. Gain more transparency and save time with data-driven prioritizations, while focusing on all relevant areas of WUX.

Optimizing a website can feel like a Sisyphean task. According to the Greek myth, whenever Sisyphus reached the top of the mountain the huge chunk of stone he had to roll up slipped his fingers and rolled back down. Sounds familiar? You fixed some issues but after the next crawl new issues have been found and you have to start from scratch. Unlike in Sisyphus's case, I’m sure your job isn’t a punishment from the gods.  

I think we can all agree that what leads to frustration when optimizing a website is that we often don’t see a direct impact on our work. What would you say if I told you that this is in the past? That you’re now able to directly see and measure your optimization efforts' impact on your website. 

We have something big to share! Our new WUX Overview is here. 

What's new about the WUX Overview?

The WUX Overview is our revamped and enhanced overview of detected website issues (formerly known as “Issue Overview”). Our holistic website approach is now also reflected in our new WUX Overview, where you can find all the different issues impacting your Website User Experience. 

Effortlessly keep track of your website’s improvements with our new Website User Experience (WUX) Score. The WUX Score is a condensed view regarding the overall optimization degree of your website. We have worked hard to incorporate the complexity of all aspects of WUX into 1 comprehensible score, which can serve as a KPI for your teams to derive goals. Prioritize issues based on their real impact: each detected issue is assigned a specific value, based on its impact on your Website User Experience. Visually see your progress and its direct impact - the higher value issues you choose to fix, the faster your WUX Score will improve.

Let’s dive into all the great new features of our WUX Overview.

Our new WUX Score

Our WUX Score transparently shows you on a scale from 0-100 how good your website is doing. It is the difference between the total score number 100 and the impact of all issues your website is affected by, listed in the table below. Therefore, anything you fix from the table below has an immediate impact and will change your score. The small number below indicates the delta, the change from the last crawl. Consequently, you can consistently visualize, measure, and report your progress.

Alongside the WUX Score, we provide you with a visual presentation of your historical data. The number of issues found is shown in a bar chart and the score’s historical development is visualized by a blue line.

Note: Only if you always crawl your whole domain, you can compare the scores between crawls. In case the crawl limit is smaller than your website’s total number of URLs, the analysis will only cover parts of your domain. Hence, it’s not guaranteed that the same set of URLs is being crawled. Therefore, the issues found in one crawl cannot be compared to those detected in the next one. Since our score’s calculation is based on the number of issues found, inconsistent data could lead to a varying score from analysis to analysis and thus incorrect conclusions.

Our WUX Score’s calculation  

An ideal website with a great Website User Experience has a WUX Score of 100. This is the aspirated goal, so let’s see how you can achieve this.  Throughout a website analysis, our crawler identifies various types of issues. These various issues also differ in their severity and thus their priority for fixing. Depending on the amount of issues of a certain type and their priority the WUX Score is impacted more or less by the issues found.

Our WUX Score is calculated based on a simple formula: 100 - [Impact of all current Issues on WUX] = [WUX Score]

Our new issue list  

Below the WUX Score, a table with all issues detected can be found. 

In the table on the left side, the Impact of each issue type is listed. It is a cumulative value that indicates how much fixing all issues of a particular issue type will improve your WUX Score. The issue types are listed in descending with the most impactful issues on top. At the bottom of the list, the sum of all issue values is shown. As mentioned above, certain issues are marked as “Opportunities”. These are minor issues that are “nice to improve” but not strictly necessary, and thus don’t have any impact on the WUX Score. They are marked with an arrow instead of a value, as their value is “0”. 

An issue’s impact on the WUX Score is calculated based on two factors: 

  1. The number of a particular issue: The more issues of a specific type were detected, the higher the impact of this category.

  2. Issue priority: Each issue type is assigned a specific priority between 1 and 5, based on its severity on your overall Website User Experience. In the calculation, the priority is considered as a (non-linear) factor of the WUX Score.

The next column shows the issue type. Detected issues are grouped into 43 issue types, these include mobile issues, website quality issues, content quality issues, and technical SEO issues. 

The gray mini bar chart next to the issue type shows the historical development of an issue type over the last 6 crawls. 

The first number at the table's end indicates the total number of issues per issue type found in the latest analysis. The second number shows the delta compared to the previous analysis. The respective colors (green and red) visualize an increase or decrease.

With the drop-down arrow at the end, the table row can be expanded and show the URLs of the top 10 affected pages. When clicking on the URL you get forwarded to the respective issue report. In the report, the particular issue will be shown on the affected URLs, e.g. all pages that have broken images are shown. If you want to see which images are broken, you have to use the filter “Group by image”.

On the far right side of the table, the sum of all detected issues is shown, allowing you to see at a glance how your website is doing. 

What is in it for you?

Everything is new, so let's break down why our new WUX Overview is an absolute win for you:

Save precious time by focusing on what matters. Prioritize and monitor the issues that are of the highest priority to you and your team, using smarter data insights. The result: A fast, flawless, compliant, and accessible website that provides a superb user experience. 

More transparency for you and your stakeholders. Reporting was never easier: Visualize your progress with clear and convincing scores and graphs. Our new impact system recommends potential next steps and helps you forecast the impact of these efforts. 

Create and maintain a fantastic website that users love. Make data-driven improvement decisions, gain more transparency with our visual reporting, and see the direct effects of your optimization efforts. With our new WUX Overview, you can efficiently and effectively master all aspects of Website User Experience without feeling like Sisyphus - this is a promise. 

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Published on Dec 11, 2023 by Editorial Team