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New Year, New Ryte: Version 6.0 is here!

To continue with the goal of helping you achieve a perfect Website UX in 2022 and beyond, we have been busy working away on Ryte 6.0 to make it a glorious update packed with features that make your digital marketing lives easier and more effective.

Not only have we fully revamped the look and feel of the Ryte interface and structured all reports under the WUX pillars, but we also launched a brand new Data Explorer space where you can build custom reports, added the ability to view Historic Crawl Data in issue reports, and much, much more. Let’s unwrap each new addition to the Ryte Platform!

What’s new in Ryte 6.0:

1. The Ryte Platform has a fresh new look and navigation

In 2021, we made the decision to build the Ryte platform to focus on holistic Website UX topics, as committing to all facets of a perfect experience results in a larger impact to your traffic growth and revenue goals.

As of today, the Ryte Platform is structured with a WUX-based navigation! This fresh new update means you’re now able to focus on each pillar that’s intrinsic to online success, and explore its associated reports below.

In the process of renovating the menu and design, we were also able to make some large performance changes, so you’ll be experiencing even faster results too!

If you’re not too sure about which pillar is home to your favorite report, you can simply use the Search function or Report Galleries to locate it in no time.

Take a look at the new Ryte

2. You can now Search for your favorite reports

Whether you have a specific report in mind, or are curiously exploring each topic’s possibilities, the all-new Search function seeks out your entered keyword in each report’s title and description. This will speed up your tasks immensely, and is extra helpful when you need quick insights during a meeting.

3. Get inspired in the Report Gallery

Upon expanding each menu item, you’ll come across the 3 most important reports in that area. The rest of the (also important!) optimization spaces are neatly tucked away in the brand new Report Gallery where you can browse for associated issues or analyses, read their descriptions, and select them for further exploration.

4. Build customized super reports with the Data Explorer

This brand new space is so important, it deserves its own place on the main menu! Our Data Explorer gives you complete control and flexibility over all the website data you need to reach sound estimations and audits. Blend crawl results with Google Analytics and Search Console data, apply special filters and add overviews, all to build tailor-made reports for yourself or important recipients. Please note that this feature is currently in Beta and is continuously being improved, but we simply couldn’t wait to share it with you all. Expect all new features and additions here very soon!

5. Retrieve older crawl results with Historic Crawl Data

Whether it’s important for you to track a particular issue’s development across your site, or show off all your hard work to clients, Historic Crawl Data will become your new best friend during analyses. Simply use the date picker above to select a date from a previous crawl, and the report will become populated with those results.

This addition is currently available for issue reports, Web Vitals and Mobile UX reports, and in the Super Inspector.

6. Nested Organic Performance Insights will immensely speed up your research!

You can now view which keywords a URL ranks for (and which URLs are ranked for a keyword!) directly within the Keyword and Page Performance reports by clicking the row’s drop-down arrow. This helps you view a page’s top performing keywords, check if there are technical issues hindering traffic growth, and generally locate more insights faster if you’re short on time.

7. Improvements to Organic Traffic Forecasts

We’ve made some helpful changes to the way we show forecasted data in the Organic Performance overview, making sure you have access to the latest projections that ensure you’re on the best path. Viewing by Daily aggregation displays forecasted data including today until tomorrow, Weekly aggregation displays a complete forecast for the next week on Friday, and Monthly shows the whole next month, one week before the current month ends. This is even more data and accuracy for your reporting than ever before!

Test our new Organic Performance updates

8. Quicker access with URL & Keyword Shortcuts

During your Organic Performance analyses, it’s usually a good idea to further investigate affected pages and keywords so that you can better diagnose certain movements. To speed up this process, our new URL & Keyword Shortcuts provide a quick access menu in every Organic Performance report when you hover over each list item. Now, you can immediately visit a page, inspect a URL, copy a keyword to the clipboard, or view its Google SERP straight away.

And there’s much more coming up!

You can expect many more useful releases in the coming months, so stay tuned for additional, exciting ways to keep growing your traffic, revenue, and customer loyalty!

What happens if you don’t see Ryte 6.0’s changes yet?

If you don’t yet see the new Ryte, please contact your dedicated Customer Success manager or our Support team to start the process of transforming your Ryte into its new, beautiful self.

Let us know what you think!

Your feedback is very important to us, and helps us build innovative reports that help you make the best decisions for your website’s growth. If you have feedback to share with us, or fancy taking part in our User Involvement Program, we’d love to hear from you!

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Published on Feb 8, 2022 by Izzi Smith