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The Ryte Data Lab: Prototypes, features and Data Science processes

The Ryte Data Lab shows how we work with data to develop prototypes, explain existing features and the underlying data science processes.

This post marks the start of the Ryte Data Lab (RDL).

Through the RDL we want to give insight into how we work with data at Ryte. This approach covers different areas of initiatives, including presenting cutting edge data science prototypes, explaining the mechanics of existing product features, but also adding value by understanding the underlying necessary processes for data-driven work.

There are three main categories that we are covering in the RDL:

  • Prototypes: New, innovative ways of working with data. This can include data we already have on our platform, but also new data sources.

  • Existing features: Explain the idea and technical basis for some of our features. Dive a little bit deeper into the “science” part of data science if applicable.

  • Data Science Processes: Realising data products and becoming a data-driven company is not easy. Therefore we want to show the leg-work behind making features and prototypes happen – from infrastructure through organisation to data governance and much more.

In short, the Data Lab wants to create value by communicating how we work with data but also promote new ideas to be challenged and inspire where our company goes.

What is the goal for the Data Lab?

Boiling it down, the goal of the Ryte Data Lab is to publicly present how we work with data on the one hand, but explicitly strive for feedback to our many initiatives on the other hand. This leads to a combination of knowledge transfer, technical discussions, as well as market validation of new ideas.

Optimally, we would be able to involve our existing customers, while simultaneously connecting to other interested parties such as data-centric managers. Therefore we can get a better understanding of how we as a company can best provide you with the status quo, but also strategically develop our product for the future.

How can I participate?

This part is as easy as it is important: Through feedback! While much of our content is on the SEO-side of things, RDL is intended for a bidirectional exchange with the community. Tell us what you find interesting, what you like, what you would love to see. And also let us know of any improvements you can think of.

So the Ryte Data Lab works best if everyone who reads this – or the social media posts related to it – gives us feedback on the content and / or way we do it.

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Published on Jul 26, 2021 by Dr. Kilian Semmelmann