Googlebot Mobile

The Googlebot Mobile is a crawler owned by Google Inc., which browses mobile websites to include them in the Google index.


The time of search engine registrations has passed. This means that webmasters no longer need to specifically register their websites with search engines. This is now handled by special programs (spiders, crawlers, bots). These programs browse websites and follow the links contained in them. Google’s bot is called Googlebot. The word origin is a combination of the words “Google” and “robot.”

The number of smartphone users continues to grow. For this reason, websites are continuously being adapted for smartphones, thus creating an ever increasing number of mobile websites. These require a special crawler, called Googlebot Mobile.


In addition to the standard Googlebot which crawls websites there is a separate Googlebot, which was specially developed for mobile websites. It is part of Google’s products for mobile devices. The Googlebot Mobile is able to crawl mobile websites on various mobile devices.


The aim of the Googlebot Mobile is reviewing mobile websites to collect mobile user experiences. Google’s aim is to analyze mobile user search behavior in order to deliver improved results. Googlebot Mobile can discover mobile-specific content or follow appropriate smartphone-specific redirects.

Mobile SEO[edit]

Mobile websites can be optimized with regard to important SEO on-page factors. With increasing mobile traffic, it is important for website operators to identify whether the mobile market has huge visitor potential and to optimize corresponding mobile content. As part of mobile optimization, factors such as load time, responsive design, or redirects can be customized. Of course, the previous classic on-page factors such as title, descriptions, and quality content should not be neglected.