MozRank is a key performance indicator (short: KPI), which allows you to measure the link popularity of a website and express it as a number. Its determination is similar to the OPR by Ryte and Page Rank of Google Inc.


The MozRank is determined by Until May 2013, the company was known as SEOmoz. This American company determines the number of backlinks for each website on the net and evaluates these based on their popularity. MozRank is divided into Moz Domain Rank, which detects and assesses the main domain and Moz Subdomain Rank, which only includes the link popularity of a particular subdomain. Further information on MozRank can be gotten from this YouTube video.

The determined MozRank is between 0 and 10. The more incoming links a website has and the higher the quality they are, the higher the MozRank. The requirements rise from level to level. For example, it is relatively easy to obtain a MozRank of 1. But to get a MozRank of 7, some very good or very many mediocre-to-bad backlinks are already required. indicates that the average website has a MozRank of about 3.[1]

How the MozRanks gets determined[edit]

The MozRank is determined for all websites and can be accessed by anyone. A known, and free at least in the basic version software for retrieving the MozRank is the Open Site Explorer. There are two browser plugins for Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey and Google Chrome with SearchStatus, and SEO Quake that automatically shows the MozRank in a status field when calling a webpage. Many fee-based analysis tools are able to output the MozRank.

Relevance to search engine optimization[edit]

The MozRank is often used to find potential link donors for one’s own webpages. If you call up a website, MozRank will provide information about whether this website is fundamentally desirable as a link partner or the effort of building a partnership is not worth it. Ever since rumors had it that the Google PageRank was expiring and was no longer being updated, the MozRank rapidly gained popularity, since it was based on relatively similar algorithms as PageRank. In practice, both values ​​are usually quite similar, so the MozRank is also a good source of information for current information on the value of a website between Pagerank updates. Since PageRank is a purely subjective evaluation criterion, which disregards countless other ranking factors, the MozRank should not be used as the only tool in evaluating websites.


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