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3 Strengths You Need for an Agile Work Environment

A lot of people ask us, what employees need to bring along for an agile company and what makes our people so successful @OnPage.org. Since we believe, that sharing is caring, we would love to let you take a peek behind the scenes and name three top strengths of our employees for working agile successfully.

Just go with the flow.

In agile companies, alway expect an environment, that reinvents itself continuously. It seems, that agile team members are aware of a wonder or "the next big thing" that can happen everyday. This requires employees to be completely open for new ideas and changing processes. Agile environments are demanding, since you will not find many comfort zones or "we have always done it this way" decision rules. Some people will be thrilled about rediscovering their company on a daily business, others may find this rather exhausting.

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Drive yourself and inspire others.

The ideas, that evolve to new features, products and solutions, originate directly from team members. They are presented to POs and Managing Directors in a consulting manner - the crowd gives advice on, what to do next. This offers a maximum of freedom and autonomy. And it requires people, to do things not because they are told to do so, but because they want to improve things due to intrinsic motivation and passion. People lead things to success with a big sense of responsibility and by bold proposals.

Be wishful and respectful with feedback.

People in an agile environment need to be utterly honest. They actively seek feedback, ask team members across all chapters for their opinion and include all of these puzzle-pieces into their project. They see every respectfully and honestly given advice as a chance to grow, while improving the company’s products or solutions. All in all: people need to be deeply relaxed about their ego, reflected, and have the wish to evolve further and further. They respect each others viewpoint with empathy and acknowledge the knowledge and experience of their peers.

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Published on May 5, 2017 by Kate Aspinwall