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A 6-point summer checklist to make your website UX unforgettable

The summer is well under way, and for some, that means business slows down. Use this time wisely and optimize your website user experience! Our 6 point checklist will help you focus on what you need to work on.


You’ve just started your long-awaited vacation, and then suddenly, you hit some road works.🚧 Nobody needs that! That’s how your users feel when they can’t reach a page on your website (status code 404). Check your internal links and make sure users don’t come across any broken pages. This article shows you how to deal with 404 error pages: How Can You Find and Fix 404 Errors?

Users ending up at a dead end will negatively impact your UX and link-juice, but using redirects can help avoid this.🔀 Find out how to implement redirects in this article: Best Practice Guide for 301 and 302 Redirects


It’s not just roadworks that can be annoying. Traffic jams can be even worse! You’re cruising down the highway at top speed looking forward to reaching your destination – and suddenly the cars in front have their hazard lights on. 🚗 🚚 🚙 Long loading times always cause a negative user experience. If your users experience this on your website, they are likely to go to a competitor. Read this article to get some tips on how you can optimize your loading times: Page Speed Optimization: How to Improve Your Website’s Loading Time

Now you’re stuck in traffic, and it looks like it’s going to take a while. It’s better to drive slowly than to stand still – so, of course, you look for an alternative route. That’s why you should ensure your navigation system is up-to-date. 🗺 Similarly, when the Googlebot is finding its way through your website, it’s important to ensure an up-to-date sitemap, as Google can find your individual pages more easily if they are stored in your sitemap. Check out our Sitemap Guide for more insights: Help with Indexing – The XML Sitemap Sample Guide


When you arrive at your destination, the next challenge awaits you. Are your high-school language skills up to scratch? 🌎 Multilingualism is an important topic for your website too. This article provides some useful tips on how you can ensure search engines recognize which page is valid for the right language and country: International SEO Guide – Optimization with hreflang and Co.

It’s easy to make friends on holiday – either on the beach 🏖, at the pool, or at the bar. You might even keep in touch after the holiday – you exchange numbers, or follow each other on social media.📱 The same applies to your website – you might want to share the content of your website with your users or followers, but your website is only clickable when displayed correctly on social media. This article explains how to use open graph tags to ensure your website is displayed correctly on social media: Open Graph tags are your secret to good CTR on social

Who would have thought a vacation could have so much in common with website optimization?

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Published on Jul 29, 2021 by Kate Aspinwall