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Mouseflow and OnPage.org partner up to deliver a more integral Website Optimization Experience

We at OnPage.org want to make websites around the world better, faster, and safer and set new quality standards. In Mouseflow we have found a perfect partner to work towards this ambition. Together, we aim to offer the necessary tools for holistic website optimization.

Copenhagen-based Mouseflow is the leading platform for web analytics and real-time user studies, allowing users to record visitor sessions, mouse movements, clicks, scrolls and keystrokes. Data can be summarized into click, scroll and movement heatmaps for comprehensive analysis. Mouseflow helps discover conversion optimization potential to minimize abandon rates and, ultimately, increase revenue.

OnPage.org is the leading software for technical search engine optimization. After crawling websites, users are presented with any issues hindering them from ranking favorably, as well as optimization potential. Additionally, customers can monitor keywords, server uptime and create quality content.

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At OnPage.org, we are always working to help people make better websites. Our devotion to that statement leads us to continuously look for new ways to help users leverage data. Mouseflow as chosen us to deliver data on the search engine optimization degree of their users’ websites.

Search engine and user experience optimization used to be two separate and independent entities. That is less and less becoming the case, as search engines reward user friendly websites and take into account more and more holistic data as ranking factors. The bounce rate of websites, for example, is one visitor reaction that has an impact on rankings.
Especially for people who operate websites with a commercial interest, the combination of both is essential. They aim not only to drive organic traffic to their page, but to convert that traffic into users, customers, subscribers. Therefore, utilizing an integral web analytics approach is indispensable.

In Mouseflow, OnPage.org found a trusted partner for UX and conversion optimization. It is an ideal addition to our website optimization approach.

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Published on Aug 11, 2016 by Irina Hey