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Ryte Receives 3.1 Million Euros

On September 24, 2017, it was announced that Ryte would be receiving financial support from investors Senovo, Surplus Invest and pd ventures.

As part of the keynote speech at this year's Bits & Pretzel Founder Festival, Andreas Bruckschlögl announced that Senovo, Surplus Invest and pd ventures will be supporting Ryte's growth with immediate effect. Ryte (formerly OnPage.org) was previously completely self-financed.

Ryte will benefit from extensive international experience in investment, technology and innovation management. Senovo as lead investor brings many years of expertise in building and scaling B2B SaaS companies. Surplus Invest invests in B2B SaaS and Prop-Tech business models. pd ventures is the corporate venture arm of ‘Mediengruppe Pressedruck’ in Augsburg, which invests primarily in start-ups with innovative business models.

The founders of Ryte, Andreas Bruckschlögl, Marcus Tandler and Niels Dörje commented on the first round of financing: "We are very pleased that we were able to win three very experienced investors. It was important to us to secure a solid financial basis for our targeted growth and at the same time find investors with a great deal of expertise in the successful development of sustainable companies".

"In my opinion, Ryte is one of the most promising German tech companies. I was particularly impressed with the team's many years of experience in online marketing and technology, as well as their vision. The company helps business owners and marketers drive their digital businesses forward, while at the same time standing out with an individual style – an excellent basis for the expansion of a strong brand that aims to become the global market leader in the future," explains Markus Grundmann of Senovo.

With this investment, the managing directors Marcus Tandler and Andreas Bruckschlögl aim to do one thing above all else: improve and further develop their products to come closer to their vision of becoming the "Foundation for Digital Success"; the basis for the digital success of both small and large companies. Ryte also aims to further increase its presence internationally.


Founders Marcus Tandler, Niels Dörje and Andreas Bruckschlögl (left to right)

"After the rebranding and realignment of our brand, the next logical step was to attract professional and financial support from investors to position ourselves strongly on the international stage, and to increase our growth," emphasizes Marcus Tandler, founder and managing director of Ryte. "With an increase of approximately 600 new users per day, we are on the right track."

About Senovo

Senovo is a Munich-based venture capital firm focusing on early-stage B2B SaaS investments. SaaS business models will permanently change and dominate the enterprise software market. Senovo finances outstanding entrepreneurs and teams that develop market-leading products in this dynamic environment, and usually commits shortly after product launch.




About Surplus Invest

Surplus Invest is a Munich based venture capital company focusing on B2B SaaS and Prop-Tech. Surplus Invest invests in business models that operate in dynamic growth markets and offer sustainable added value for your customers. Surplus Invest has set itself the goal of closing the gap between start-ups and German small and medium sized businesses, and promoting exchange between these two groups. As a Series A investor, Surplus Invest is constantly on the lookout for impressive founders who are able to redefine markets in a sustainable way through their products.



About pd ventures

pd ventures is the corporate venture arm of ‘Mediengruppe Pressedruck’ in Augsburg. Since 2009, the company has been investing in firms with innovative business models and good growth prospects in the area of web services, internet and mobile applications. These firms are primarily independent brands targeting national or international markets. pd ventures does not see itself just as an investor, but uses the synergies within the media group Pressedruck.



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Published on Sep 21, 2017 by Irina Hey