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The Hands-On Guide to SEO Reporting

Improve your SEO reports with this free guide by Ryte and HubSpot. It includes a comprehensive breakdown of SEO KPIs and a reporting checklist.


No doubt, good SEO is a lot of work regardless of whether you’re an SEO pro or weekend warrior. It may be tempting, therefore, to blindly report generic metrics or even cut a few corners when it comes to SEO reporting. The truth is, regardless of whether you see it as a necessary evil or the foundation of your bragging rights, it’s a crucial part of the optimization process.

Why? In a nutshell, reporting the SEO efforts taken on your website helps you to:

  • Monitor your optimization progress: Reporting helps you check on the progress of your optimization measures and intervene in case measures do not have the intended effect.

  • Demonstrate measurable value: SEO reports allow you to quickly and easily demonstrate the advantages of SEO to stakeholders. This, in turn, can be used as a basis for an argument to increase the budget for SEO measures.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with HubSpot on an all-encompassing guide to reporting SEO measures. This guide breaks down the SEO reporting process so that you can learn how to set optimization goals - beyond just organic traffic - that make sense for your website and measure them with the appropriate data and KPIs. This guide will arm those new to search data and analytics with the knowledge they need to get started creating meaningful SEO reports for clients or key stakeholders. All the while, experienced practitioners will find this guide helpful in evaluating current reporting strategies. *Pssst, you'll even get some useful tips on how to get more data out of the Google Search Console!


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What’s inside the hands-on guide to SEO reporting?

This guide consists of two parts. The first is a comprehensive SEO reporting ebook. It takes you through the entire process of SEO reporting, showing you how to define your SEO goals, which tools and KPIs to measure these goals with and ultimately, how to interpret your results. Plus the ebook includes advice on how to set up your reporting dashboard and low hanging fruits or quick wins based on your results. The second part of the ebook is a checklist featuring the most important points of the ebook in a condensed format. This way, you can refer to the process and tick boxes as you make progress in creating or improving your SEO reporting. Now, it's time to get to it!





Get the free ebook here


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Published on Nov 20, 2019 by Kate Aspinwall