Category: Search Success

5 min 16.05.2018

What is Keyword Cannibalization and How Can You Fix it?

In this article, we explain what keyword cannibalization is, possible causes, and how you can fix the issue to ensure great visibility in the Google SERPs for more traffic.


5 min 27.03.2018

How to Increase Your Click Through Rate

There's nothing more frustrating for webmasters and SEOs when few visitors come to the site despite good rankings. One reason for this can be a low click through rate (CTR).


6 min 05.02.2018

The New RYTE Search Success

In the last few months, we have completely revised our product RYTE Search Success and added new features. The new RYTE Search Success is now available for all users.


3 min 17.11.2016

Ryte Search Success – Directly Use Ranking Data from Google

For search engine operators, data in the Google Search Console are a real El Dorado, but unfortunately there is a slight limitation. All ranking data and keywords are only available for a maximum of 90 days.


4 min 02.09.2015 Impact: Real Ranking Data. Real Impact.

As of today, our innovative software will once again contribute an important piece to the great website optimization puzzle. With our new feature Impact, we now enable ranking analysis based on actual Google data. Sign up right now and become a beta tester of this new powerful feature.