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See how technical website issues affect your search performance

See correlations between your search performance and technical website issues with Ryte’s newest feature, which combines data from Search Success and Website Success. Prioritize easily what needs to be fixed, spot clusters, and demonstrate success to stakeholders.

Until now, Ryte’s two modules Website Success and Search Success were separate from each other. Website Success helps you identify technical issues on your website, and Search Success helps you improve your search performance. Now, with the new integration between Website Success and Search Success, you can see correlations between search performance and technical issues to get a greater understanding of how technical website errors can affect your search performance. This has a huge range of advantages:

  • Identify and prioritize technical issues for pages that are ranking highly. Ensure these technical issues are fixed as soon as possible so you get even more traffic to the page, and avoid the risk of dropping down in rankings.

  • See correlations between low rankings and technical issues – so you know what technical issues to fix before you start optimizing content.

  • Ensure that content optimization doesn’t go to waste – make sure pages that you’re spending time optimizing are free of critical errors.

  • Spot clusters that require attention to fix.

  • Demonstrate to stakeholders the importance of fixing technical issues – for example when a page ranking highly also contains an error.

Where do you see your technical issues?

Currently, the integration of technical issues into Search Success is available in the All Pages report. In the extra column on the right hand side "SEO issues", you see if there are any technical errors. You can also see the status code of each page. You can filter and sort according to this data, so you can clearly see URLs ranking highly with technical issues. For example, by setting a filter for URLs ranking higher than 10, and containing an issue.

Click on any page with issues to be directed to the page details page. Here, you have a clearer overview of the technical issues. Critical issues are displayed with a red circle so you can see the severity of them. "Warnings" are displayed with a yellow exclamation mark, and informational issues are shown as blue circles. Click on the issue to be directed to the relevant report in Website Success to get more information about the issue, including advice on how to fix it.

Of course, we’re planning on improving this integration over time! In the future, we also want to show technical issues for the keywords for which URLs with technical issues are ranking.


If there is no data shown, this could be due to a number of reasons. If you haven’t crawled your project in the last few days, you will firstly need to start a new crawl. Other reasons could be because the URL is not included in the crawl budget, is excluded by the URL inclusion and exclusion feature, or blocked by the robots.txt. Reach out to our support team, or to your key account manager for further advice.

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Published on Sep 16, 2020 by Olivia Willson