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Link Your Google Account with Ryte for More Detailed Analysis

Link Your Ryte account with your Google Analytics and Google Search Console account to give you access to key performance data from Google.

Why You Should Link Your Ryte and Google Accounts

Once the tool has finished crawling your website, Ryte provides you with over 160 separate analyses for each URL of your website. By linking your Ryte projects with Google Analytics data, you are also able to access traffic data for each URL. Integrating this web analytics data should therefore make it easier for you to discover your optimization potential, prioritize your optimization measures, and review the measures you implement.

You can easily link your Ryte account with your Google Analytics and Search Console Accounts:

  • Go to your project’s dashboard and click on “Project settings” in the top right hand corner.

  • Click on “Google Services,” and then “Settings”.

  • Add your Google Search Console and Google Analaytics Accounts.

  • Your accounts are now linked, and your Google data is available.

Access Analytics Data for Individual URLs in Inspector

Once you have linked your accounts, you can access the traffic data of your individual URLs in every report:

This enables you to analyze the following for each URL:

  • Traffic from the last 30 days, which can be compared with traffic from the previous 30 days

  • Page views

  • Average dwell time

  • Bounce rate

  • Page visits

This means that for every report, you will be able to see which URLs have, for example, more page views, making it easier for you to decide which URLs to prioritize when it comes to optimizing. Read here to find out how to customize reports using Google Analytics data.

Figure 1: Important data from Google Analytics at a glance

Linking with the Google Search Console

For a more detailed analysis, linking your Ryte account with your Google Search Console account will give you access to reliable and up-to-date ranking data from the GSC.

Integrating your Search Console Data enables you to analyze the following for each URL:

  • Ranking position

  • Search term

  • Impressions

  • CTR

  • Clicks

Figure 2: The data from the Google Search Console now is easily visible

You can now view the following for any URL in your project:

  • the number of times it appears in the SERPs

  • how often visitors click on it

  • keywords for which it is ranked

  • ranking developments compared to the previous month


By combining your Google Analytics and Search Console data with your Ryte account, you have the perfect tools for detailed SEO analyses using web analytics data and real ranking data from the Google Search Console. Combining this data with your Ryte accounts will make it easier to make decisions and prioritize your search optimization measures.

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Published on Sep 12, 2016 by Irina Hey