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Introducing Ryte Suite 5.0 – with our refined, state-of-the-art Ryte Crawler

We have great news – the new Ryte Suite version 5.0 is now available! The Ryte Suite version 5.0 comes with our powerful crawler, which uses Chrome with Google Lighthouse to bring real insights into your website’s health.

With the Ryte Suite 5.0, we are introducing our very first software version. We wanted to document the status quo and show the development of the Ryte Suite – so now, after a long time without versioning, you will be able to see the development of the Ryte Suite by each version number. The Ryte Suite 5.0 comes with a refined, high-performance Ryte Crawler which brings even more power to your projects so you can crawl your websites with the latest piece of technology. This helps you to improve your website’s quality based on one goal: Website user experience, perfected!

The new crawler allows you to:

  • Render pages with proper javascript execution like a normal user would see it

  • Access to more than 200 different metrics including Lighthouse performance metrics

  • Simulate mobile devices and mobile network like 4G

In addition to this, our cutting edge streaming technology allows:

  • up to 100 parallel requests

  • crawling websites of any size

  • crawling any number of projects in parallel

Our high-performance crawler: Your best friend for mastering Core Web Vitals and GDPR

The Ryte Suite 5.0 crawler is the tool you need to make your website Core Web Vitals fit, avoid GDPR related fines and keeps you easily up-to-date regarding your search performance. Detect any website issue that keeps you from providing your customers with the best experience and great conversion rates. It also helps you to identify tracking scripts on your site, helping you to set up and maintain your consent management platform, to stay compliant with GDPR. All due to one great crawler – bring it on!

The good news for you guys: The Ryte Suite 5.0 will be available for all of our customers!

Of course there will be some differences based on the package and therefore features available, but the raw power of our crawler will be accessible for all – regardless of being a Free, Basic or Business Suite customer. This is because we want to make sure that all of you can crawl websites with the latest piece of technology – to improve your website’s health!

A look into the future

It’s our mission to provide you with the best tools to help you reach your website’s full potential. We continue working towards this goal and we won’t stop! Our Product Team and developers are constantly challenging our features, coding and testing the best solutions for you. In the future, this will lead to even more groundbreaking feature releases, which will find a new home in a fresh version release. So stay tuned – Ryte Suite 5.x is loading!

Enjoy crawling with the Ryte Suite 5.0 high-performance crawler, and in case of any questions please get in touch with our fine colleagues from Customer Service. Or you want to learn more about the Ryte Suite 5.0 crawler, this is your go-to article.

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Published on Feb 4, 2021 by Amelie Baum