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Meet Ryte Suite 5.1 – introducing our brand new, unique feature: SEO A/B testing

A great new version always comes with a great new feature. That’s why we’re introducing, with our latest version update Ryte Suite 5.1, a groundbreaking one: our A/B testing feature. A tool that will finally sharpen your view on which changes on your website lead to better rankings, traffic and conversion rates. No more trial and error, thanks to data-driven A/B testing.

The recent version update to Ryte Suite 5.1 reflects a number of great developments we’ve been working on – all to help you make your website’s user experience the best it can be. From checking your KPIs on the go, improving your website’s mobile usability to easily identifying keyword cannibalization.

To top it all off, we’ve worked hard to create a unique feature that finally beats SEO guesswork and enables data-driven A/B testing. With Ryte’s new A/B testing feature you can compare the performance of 2 segments – one segment containing URLs where you have applied certain changes to the content or page structure compared to a “control group” of URLs which you did not change. By comparing the performance of the test and control groups since the date your changes went live, you can see directly whether your changes had an impact and will increase your company’s visibility, conversion rates and budget efficiency.

With the new SEO A/B testing feature, you can:

  • Easily set up your A/B test and view your results on a clear user interface to ensure effortless reporting

  • Carry out the test with real Google data to see whether your changes really had an impact

  • Benefit from smart algorithms so you make sure natural fluctuations don’t have an impact on your results

More tips and tricks on our A/B testing feature can be found here and the complete set of features released with the Ryte Suite 5.1 are listed below.

Ryte Mobile UX Reports

With our 3 new mobile UX reports, Ryte users can identify and fix issues that are negatively affecting mobile user experience in a matter of minutes. Improving mobile usability has never been so easy!

The new reports, “Missing Viewport Tag”, “Overlapping tap targets”, and “Illegible text” show issues that make your website difficult to use on mobile devices because the content is too small to read or that touch elements are too close together. The reports use data from Lighthouse, Google’s open-source tool for website audits. Learn more about the Ryte Mobile UX reports here.

Ryte Keyword Cannibalisation Report

Ryte’s updated Keyword Cannibalization Report provides you all the information you need to quickly and easily find and solve keyword cannibalization issues.

Keyword cannibalization has a negative impact on your rankings. It occurs when more than one URL on a website ranks for the same keyword intent, meaning there’s a risk that Google will rank an older / lower converting page rather than the page you want to rank for the keyword. Keyword cannibalization usually occurs on growing websites when a lot of sub- or landing pages are created quickly. Ryte’s updated report helps you solve the issue easily – the smart algorithm behind the report even lists the cannibalization according to priority so you know what to fix first. Learn more about the Keyword Cannibalization Report here.

Revamped, mobile responsive Ryte Dashboard

Our new dashboard contains just the information you need to ensure a better website. And it’s mobile-optimized!

We took away the clutter and now we just have the necessary information – including tooltips – so you will always know what every term means! One of the most important things we wanted to include was a list of top issues, so you always know what to use as a starting point, as these are the most critical issues that could be hurting your website performance. Learn more about the Ryte Dashboard here.

Ryte’s News Feed on the Search Engine Optimisation Overview

With Ryte’s News Feed on the Search Engine Optimisation Overview, you can constantly stay up to date about how your website is performing on Google without having to look through individual reports.

The News Feed on the Search Engine Optimisation Overview displays automated insights from the Keyword Cannibalisation Report, Keyword Monitoring, and Anomaly Detection. The Search Engine Optimisation Overview is now mobile responsive, so you can check your News Feed easily on your phone whilst commuting to work, or at the breakfast table! That way, you can be ready to start with optimizations as soon as you get into work. Learn more about Ryte’s News Feed on the Search Engine Optimisation Overview here.

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Published on Mar 17, 2021 by Amelie Baum