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Visitors won’t wait for your content to load. Slow or unresponsive pages are therefore your conversion rate’s worst enemy! Ryte fast tracks your Web Performance strategies with industry-leading technology for in-depth analysis of your assets, so that you know what changes create a real impact.

Get to the bottom of what is slowing down your pages.

Identify heavy images worth optimizing. Overviews display all images and their usage across your site, so you can sort by heaviest file sizes or pages that use too many images.

Locate unneeded files and scripts. JavaScript and CSS can greatly slow down your site. Our reports list scripts and files, their file sizes, and their usage, so you can minimize, bundle or remove accordingly.

Boost mobile conversions by addressing UX issues.

Analyze with a mobile user agent. Mobile website browsers have to deal with connection issues, as well as device drawbacks. Have the best possible experience by running frequent mobile analyses.

Save time and energy. Prioritize your findings by layering page usage metrics and incoming clicks to identify which quick wins will have the largest impact on your beloved visitors.

“Fantastic tool for improving performance and mobile usability.”

Seeing is believing! Test the power of the Ryte Platform in your free trial.

See what’s inside: easy-to-use Web Performance features for quick wins.

Run bulk checks for Core Web Vital scores

View Web Vitals- and Web Performance metrics using Chrome Lighthouse technology. Filter and sort to vastly speed up your action plan.

Data compression reports

Identify bulky pages and individual assets, including how they are compressed, to ensure lightweight sizes for all of your assets.

Server monitoring

We ping your server every 10 minutes so you can identify where timeouts occur and ensure your website is accessible for users at all times.

Enrich results with real Google data

Using the Data Explorer and issue reports, layer page speed with Google Search Console- and Google Analytics data and reach more data-driven outcomes.

Ryte users decrease website loading time by -25.5 % on average - start now.

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