Avoid legal risks with GDPR checks

User privacy has never played such an important role as it does now. One important element of ensuring your website is GDPR compliant is to guarantee that users can opt-in to have their data being tracked by third parties. The Ryte Platform supports you in remaining compliant by assisting you in complying with user consent management and accessibility regulations.

Identify all non-compliant Tracking Scripts.

Locate Tracking Scripts that fire before users give their consent. Non-compliant Tracking Scripts can put you greatly at risk. Locate these, add them to your user consent management system and avoid potential legal risks.

Get accessibility regulations right.

Resolve images without alt tags. Alt tags are important for a fully accessible website. Identifying problematic cases to help you remain compliant with accessibility regulations.

Find and replace outdated policies. Create custom snippets that our crawler locates, so that you can hunt down outdated information worth addressing.

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Compliant & non-compliant Tracking Scripts

View a list of all of the Tracking Scripts fired on your website, including the publisher and host information. See which of those fired without opt-in consent!

Find missing alt tags

With Ryte you can easily find your images that don’t contain alt text. Run filters to uncover existing alt tags that simply aren’t descriptive or useful yet.

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