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Get weekly and monthly search performance forecasts

With our newest feature, you can get insights into how your clicks, impressions and CTR will be performing over the next few weeks and months.

Creating realistic forecasts for your organic search traffic is prone to error and time-consuming. However, reliable forecasts are important for setting goals and ensuring you have enough resources to reach these goals. This also helps you to warn clients and superiors in advance that they might see a drop in traffic.

With Ryte’s new search performance forecasts, you get weekly and monthly forecasts for your clicks, impressions and CTR, helping you plan for either an increase or decrease in search performance, such as over holiday seasons. The forecasts are calculated using large scale auto machine learning (autoML) to provide state of the art time-series forecasting models that are customised to the individual characteristics of each project.

Your benefits

  • Set targets based on forecasts rather than gut instinct

  • Get the insights to plan ahead in case of a drop or increase in traffic

  • Check if you’re on track to meet your targets, and whether you need extra resources to meet them

How does the feature work?

You can find the feature under the Search Engine Optimisation overview, on the Real Google Visibility overlay. You’ll see the toggle, “includes forecasts” above the overlay. Click on this to ensure that forecasts are included. You will see the forecast based on the time frame that you specified to view the overlay with - either a week or a month. You can also view the forecasts directly from the Project Dashboard.

Ryte: Real Google Data Visibility

Figure 1: Real Google visibility overlay with search performance forecasts

Hover over the dotted line (which is the forecast) to see the forecasted amount of increase or decrease. In the example in figure 2, you see the expected amount of clicks to be 49,352, with the maximum expected amount 59,832 and minimum amount 38,872.

Ryte: Forecasting Minimum and Maximum Clicks

Figure 2: Forecast

You can see the forecasts for clicks, impressions, and CTR, helping you to see how your organic traffic is likely to develop in the coming weeks and months.

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Published on Dec 15, 2021 by Olivia Willson