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Get Set Up for Online Success in 2022

Start your year right. Setting time aside on getting your set-up working will save you time in the long run. We’ve got some handy tips about how you can set up the Ryte Suite to make your life, and lives of your team members, easier once the Christmas holidays are over.

Create a secure way to monitor your search performance

Set up the slack integration for your Ryte account and choose which channels you want to get notifications into. Think about whether it makes sense to set up new Slack channels, and chat to your colleagues about how to handle what comes up. You can get notifications for detected anomalies, monitored keywords, Google Top 10 Tests, keyword cannibalisation issues, and (as of last week), underperforming keywords.

Take a more data driven approach to your website optimisations

Have you made any changes to a set of pages in the past few months? If so, you should set up an A/B test to evaluate the impact of these changes. Set up the test now so it’s ready to provide you with results when you get back after the Christmas break. If your changes had a positive impact on traffic, consider whether to roll out the changes across other areas of your website.

Ryte: SEO A/B Testing Feature

Figure 1: SEO A/B Testing feature

Tidy up your target keywords

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to set up segments for your monitored keywords. Even if you already have keyword segments, this could be an opportunity to organise the keywords you’re monitoring and evaluate whether it might be worth adding more. Set up goals for your new keyword segments so you’ll be able to check whether you’re on track in 2022.

Commit to building a greener, more sustainable website

Calculate your website’s carbon emissions with our carbon calculator, which you can see on your project dashboard. Use this as a basis for a strategy to help you reduce your website’s carbon emissions, for example by improving your website’s performance and reducing heavy assets like CSS files and images.

Shift towards a more mobile-first mindset

Set up a mobile project to view JUST mobile data. You can do this in a few easy steps:

  1. Set up a new project – and when you do, click on the option for it to be crawled by the mobile user agent.

  2. Connect your project with the Google Search Console property

  3. Use a global filter so you just see the mobile data

  4. Set up the Slack integration, add calendar events, and add keywords to monitoring.

And voila, you now have a project that is 100% mobile.

Make life easier for your Monday morning self

Spend some time digging into the possibilities of creating reports under Search Engine Optimisation. Advanced filters give you endless filtering opportunities - meaning you can filter according to pretty much any criteria you can think of! And we’re not just saying that - in Pages reports, you can even filter according to SEO issues so you can check the technical quality of your high ranking pages. Set up your reports and save them in the report overview to have them to hand right away in January.

Ryte: Saved Reports in Search Engine Optimisation

Figure 2: Saved reports in Search Engine Optimisation

Be better at staying on top of website changes

What major events or campaigns have you or your company carried out over this past year? If you haven’t already done this, you should add them as Calendar Events and they will then be available under the Search Engine Optimisation Overview. You can add calendar events via the Search Engine Optimisation settings (now available as a separate item on the navigation).

Have a better schedule for website UX analysis

Ensure you have crawls scheduled for each project. We recommend weekly crawls, and the weekend is always a good time - this way, you can be sure to have an email waiting in your inbox on Monday morning, helping you to react quickly if any issues have come up in your latest crawl.

Vow to eradicate data compliance issues

Since the GDPR was introduced, privacy has become a really important topic. If you haven’t looked at your user consent management platform for a while, now would be a great time to check whether it’s up to date or not. You can do this easily with our tracking scripts reports. With the non-compliant tracking scripts report (available under Compliance), you can see if any tracking scripts are firing before the user gives consent, so you can add these to the user consent bar.

We hope you have a few quiet days between Christmas and New Year to implement a few of these tips!

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Published on Dec 16, 2021 by Olivia Willson