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Improve your workflow with our brand new Slack Integration

With our new Slack integration, you will be able to get important notifications directly into this work-friendly channel – for quicker updates and less time digging through data!

Get notifications directly into Slack and choose what Slack channel to push them into. This means you can see important notifications as soon as they occur, so you avoid having to look through hundreds of Ryte projects or even check your emails! Improve your workflow by getting your data in one place.

How does the Slack integration work?

For now, you can choose to get notifications for the following alerts:

  • Google Top Ten Tests

  • Anomalies

  • Keyword cannibalisation

  • Keyword alerts – when a keyword drops or gains in position, impressions, clicks or CTR using a threshold of your choosing

  • Underperforming Keywords – when a keyword is ranking highly but is getting a lower CTR than it should be based on its position.

Of course, we’re planning on providing lots more notifications in the future!

Please note that only project managers and project owners can set up Slack notifications - so make sure you tell your project manager/owner to set up the Slack notifications for your workplace into the relevant channels.

How to set up the Slack Integration

Ryte: How to set up Slack Notification Tutorial

Firstly, go to the Newsfeed Search Engine Optimisation. Click on the Slack icon to open Search Engine Optimisation settings. (If the Slack icon coloured, this means you’re already connected.)

Ryte: How to find the Slack Connection in the Feed

When you're in the Search Engine Optimisation settings, choose to connect Slack. Give Slack permission to access your workspace.

Ryte: Step 2 to connect Slack with Ryte

Ryte: Step 3 to set up Slack Notifications

Choose which notifications you want to see and the channel that you want the notification to be sent to. You can also try out a quick test.

Ryte: Step 4 to set up Slack Notifications

Then, get your notification directly into Slack to be notified immediately of updates! The notification into Slack will contain clear information about the project the notification is for, as well as all relevant information regarding the type of notification - either cannibalisation, Google Top 10 Tests, anomaly detection or keyword alerts.

Ryte: Slack Notification Example

Your benefits

  • Keep track of important keywords or pages that you have recently optimized

  • Receive notifications about the most important aspects of your project so you don’t have to endlessly dig through reports.

  • Tailor the alerts to your needs with custom conditions and thresholds

  • Have more peace of mind as you know you will find all important information via Slack

Stay up-to-date with important notifications. Get all important notifications into one place. Don’t spend time clicking through your projects but have everything directly integrated into your workflow.

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Published on Nov 16, 2021 by Olivia Willson