Content Success

Your tool for content optimisation

Content Success helps you ensure that your content is optimally aligned with your users’ search intent.

Our goal is to save you from endless keyword research and hours of writing drafts upon drafts. Content Success cuts that work in half by assisting you at each stage of the content creation process. It provides keyword suggestions and recommendations on how you can improve your written content.

Content Success focuses on the content perspective of Website User Experience - so that you can provide your users with convincing answers to their search queries.

Identify relevant keywords for your target group

Identify relevant keywords for your target group
  • TF*IDF Analysis: with TF*IDF analysis, we calculate the relevance of your content in relation to the relevance of your competitors’ content to help you understand how you can adjust your content to reach top SERP positions.

  • Keyword Recommendations: enter a focus keyword to receive recommendations on the most relevant terms around your focus keyword. We calculate these recommendations based on the top results in the major search engines and our data corpus, which includes over 3 billion URLs. We also use machine learning to apply speech tagging and related terms.

  • Integration of Google Search Console data: use the comprehensive reports in Search Success to find out which pages need to be optimised. Get topic inspiration with Keyword Recommendations and expand your current content to make it more relevant and engaging.

Optimise your content for more visibility

Optimise your content for more visibility
  • Content Editor: use our Content Editor to create new content or optimise existing content. Get suggestions on what terms to add or remove to make your content more holistic and engaging.

  • integration: tags content convey to Google what your content is about, so adding these tags help to improve your chances of ranking highly.

  • HTML export: create or update your content directly in the Content Editor, export it to HTML and copy and paste it directly into your CMS to save time.

"We use the TF*IDF tool from Ryte to optimize our content for different languages. In addition, we have been able to derive and implement a great deal of valuable insights and concrete optimization measures for our country shops in recent years."

David Riedmiller

Head of Marketing @limango


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