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With Search Success, you can ensure that your organic traffic only knows one direction - upwards.  

To ensure you can carry out analyses based on a solid foundation, we work exclusively with 100% real Google data and not with simulated search queries (scraped data), which can lead to false conclusions. With Search Success, you can analyse the SEO performance of your website in more depth (more data volume) and with significantly more filters and functionalities than is possible in the Google Search Console.

Let's take a look at selected features so you can see directly why our customers love Search Success.

For a powerful SEO analysis

For a powerful SEO analysis
  • Anomaly Detection: see significant irregularities in impressions, clicks, CTR and position as soon as they occur, and see in which directory or segment the anomaly occurs. Get the information straight to your inbox, so you can react quickly to a drop in traffic. Ideal for analysing the effects of the latest Google algorithm update.

  • Keyword and page segments: use segments on a keyword and page level to analyse a specific element of your website in depth, for example a keyword-set, a specific subdomain, or directory. Use our pre-defined segments to identify low-hanging fruits, common question queries that users find your site with, and much more. Tailor your analysis to your needs, and find valuable optimization potential.

  • More data than the GSC UI: see more than 1000 rows of data in Search Success and store your data indefinitely to see potential and metrics you wouldn't find in the Google Search Console. For example, compare your search performance year-on-year, see new keywords you just started ranking for, and identify longtail keywords. Use this to your advantage and optimize for featured snippets, and capitalise on your new keywords to gain more visibility.

For better Google rankings

For better Google rankings
  • SEO A/B Testing: see how website optimisations impact your organic search performance. With our SEO A/B testing feature, you can compare the performance of two segments - a test group of URLs you optimised, with a control group of similar URLs where you did not change anything, so you can easily test hypotheses and improve the quality of your landing pages based on real Google data.

  • CTR Underperformer Report: the CTR Underperformer Report shows you which keywords have a lower CTR than expected based on their ranking position. These keywords are at high-risk every core algorithm update, so you should optimise them accordingly to avoid losing top spots in Google.

  • Keyword Cannibalisation: prevent more than one page ranking for the same keyword. Our report shows your keyword cannibalisations in a clear overview so you know which pages to optimise to ensure that the most important page is ranking.

For managing KPIs

For managing KPIs
  • Traffic Monetisation: see the monetary value of your organic traffic. We calculate this using keyword data in your project and CPC data from Google Ads Keyword Planner. Find out how much your organic traffic is really worth, and how much you can save on Google Ads campaigns with a solid organic presence.

  • Active Keyword Monitoring: monitor your important keywords in a clear overview, and get email alerts as soon as they drop or gain in clicks, impressions, CTR or position. Keep on top of the keywords that are most important to your business, and track their progress over time.

  • Year-on-year comparison: benefit from indefinite storage of your Google Search Console data, so you can track the progress of your search performance on a yearly basis. See detailed year-on-year comparisons in the overview to see how your search performance is improving.

"This makes our work more efficient and helps our customers reach top rankings faster."

Gregor Meier

SEO Expert @SEO one


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