Website Success

Optimize your website with Website Success: your tool for website quality assurance

Check your website's quality with our advanced crawling technology, including performance analysis, technical issues, and legal compliance assistance. See the results in a clear overview, and get the insights you need to improve website performance, enhance usability, and avoid legal risks. Give your users the best experience possible on your site.

Easily identify what needs to be fixed

  • Website issue reports: find and fix critical errors with our 40 issue reports that expose technical, structural and content errors such as broken links and images. Get concrete recommendations on how to fix the issues, and see the errors listed according to priority so you know what to fix first.

  • Performance analysis with the Web Vitals Report: easily derive actionable insights for improving website performance as you can analyze the performance of your entire domain with ranking-relevant metrics, helping you to quickly identify and fix pages with poor performance.

  • Google Analytics integration: prioritize your website optimizations based on user engagement and traffic data from Google Analytics. See where you can make improvements that will have a significant impact on usability and user engagement.

  • Legal compliance assistance: identify external tracking scripts on your website to get concrete recommendations what to include in your consent bar. Make sure users give their consent so you can avoid legal risks.


Analyze your website in depth

  • JavaScript crawling: our High-Performance Crawler can crawl over 5 million URLs per analysis, and can crawl and render JavaScript so you can check for errors on your dynamic website.

  • Custom analysis: customize your analysis so you can access exactly the data you need, or use regex to analyze specific elements on your site. Customize your reports with advanced filters to analyze the subset of data that is most important to you. Easily export the data via API, Excel, or PDF.

  • Mobile Crawl: analyze your mobile website to find and fix errors specific to your mobile version. Increase traffic and conversions on mobile devices.

  • Single Page Analysis: conduct an in-depth audit of any single URL, whether in your own project or that of a competitor, to check all technical and content aspects for this URL.


Monitor your vital website KPIs

  • Project dashboard: see all of your website quality KPIs such as accessibility, broken pages and SSL encryption in a clear overview so you can easily keep track of your key performance indicators.

  • Email alerts: get an email when your website analysis is finished, so you can be notified of any critical errors as soon as possible. Schedule weekly website analyses and have your data in your inbox every Monday morning to work more efficiently.

  • Robots.txt monitoring: get email updates when your robots.txt changes, so you can ensure there are no mistakes. A mistake in your robots.txt file could mean your website is removed from Google's index, meaning you business could lose valuable website traffic.

  • Server and performance monitoring: ensure your server is available and accessible for users at all times, as we ping your server every 10 minutes.


"I don't even remember how we did our site analysis before Ryte. It must have taken much, much longer."

Eric Kubitz

CONTENTmanufaktur GmbH

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