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Monitor, analyze, and optimize every aspect of your website with confidence and for big results. More traffic, improved usability, fewer legal risks, and better conversion rates!

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Minimize issues, maximize organic growth.

Secure Google’s top spot with a flawless website that keeps users coming back for more.

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End digital guesswork, use smart data layering and clear KPIs instead.

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Turn Your Website into Growth Factor #1

As a marketing, SEO or growth manager, you know that optimising your website holistically for a great Website User Experience (WUX) isn't just for the show - it's a strategic imperative.

Drive performance with WUX.

Organic Growth

Follow automated recommendations to fix issues that are stopping users from clicking on your site.



Happy Users

Optimize focused on UX, load times, and content relevance to boost conversions while keeping users engaged.


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High Website Value

Unlock efficiency and smart resource management to scale fast with a strong CPC.


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Website User Experience - the 6 pillars

Satisfied users are the lifeblood of any website. But how do you create a good Website User Experience (WUX) when the internet, regulations, and websites constantly change? We've broken down this art into a science: the six pillars of holistic website optimisation.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

First things first: Secure Google’s number-one spot for all your important pages. Make data-driven decisions and ensure technical requirements are in place.

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Web Performance

Hit the ground running: Start strong by ensuring your website's loading time meets industry standards, sparing visitors from any wait for your content to load.

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Quality Assurance

First impressions matter: Ensure a flawless website and a trustworthy brand experience. Monitor your key assets and find issues that block your website’s usability.

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Put people and planet first: Deliver on a carbon-neutral, efficient, and regenerative website. Offset your emissions and lower them permanently.

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One for all: Make it possible for all users to access your website without limitations. Audit, prioritize and implement accessibility improvements.

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Better safe than sorry: Get key legal regulations right. Ensure your website is GDPR compliant to avoid fines.

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"Ryte helps us to reduce technical and content errors on our websites, which increases customer satisfaction."

Alexander Dross, Boehringer Ingelheim

Your website has 2.9 seconds to make a first impression - make it a Ryte one.

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Get the inside scoop from Ryte on Website User Experience, SEO, digital marketing, and all website things. Keep up with the latest industry trends and get exclusive tool tips.


Product Tour: Join Alex for a tour around the Ryte Platform!

Alexander Breitenbach



Live Stream: Get your industry news live from Marcus Tandler.

Marcus Tandler


Live Stream: Get your industry news live from Marcus Tandler.


Compliance: The strategic risk that could stunt your growth.

Kevin Indig


Compliance: The strategic risk that could stunt your growth.


Ryte Announces Acquisition by Semrush Holdings, Inc.

Editorial Team


Ryte Announces Acquisition by Semrush Holdings, Inc.

Why happy teams love Ryte


Ryte served as a transformative tool for Personio, enabling the company to gain control over its content, make data-driven decisions, and significantly improve its SEO performance.

The platform's insights and features allowed Personio to capture key positions in highly competitive areas and drive substantial growth in organic traffic.

55 %

Increased organic impressions

51 %

Increased organic clicks

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Andreas Feß

Senior Website Growth & SEO


"I've come across a lot of website audits. I have never seen anything like the one Ryte demonstrated. Very comprehensive, highly detailed and easy to implement."

Dr. Matthias Winter



"Ryte allows me to keep updated on what's going on with the optimization status of my clients' sites & my own projects."

Aleyda Solis



Ryte's easy-to-use features and high data quality convinced HomeToGo to integrate the platform into its workflow. The company now uses Ryte daily for analyses and optimization. Smart data-driven insights allowed HomeToGo to streamline its content workflow, optimize its website, and gain valuable insights into user behavior.


Improved CTR


Restore lost rankings

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Felix Welckenbach

Director Inbound Marketing

New Look

"For us as a fashion retailer, identifying trends is fundamental to our commercial success. Ryte gives us the ability to identify trends based on real user data well in advance. This allows us to perfectly align our offer with our target groups offline in our stores and online."

Sam Pennignton

Senior SEO Manager


From Zero to Turnover! Ryte assisted Chefkoch in rapidly enhancing the turnover generated from affiliate articles. Within a mere year of employing Ryte, they attained significant visibility and increased traffic in an exceptionally competitive setting.


Increased turnover

5 Million

Google impressions

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Stefanie Senn

Senior SEO Manager


"A company like HORNBACH, which consistently prioritises the user-friendliness of its website, is happy to use a tool that embodies WUX at its core. We look forward to continuing to work with Ryte and their excellent support team in the future!"

Benedict Bambach

Inhouse SEO

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