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Andreas Feß
Andreas Feß

"Ryte as a website optimization tool, and the workshop with Marcus, were a real game-changer for us. With Ryte, we not only managed to optimize our content in a structured way but also to uncover new potential effectively."

- Andreas Feß - Senior Website Growth & SEO, Personio GmbH

In less than six years, Personio has managed to become the leading HR software provider for SMEs in Europe. Since its founding in 2015, Personio has continuously developed its software and helped HR teams with its all-in-one HR software that includes human resources management, recruiting, and payroll. The platform is available in six languages. Meanwhile, the company is active across Europe with almost 1,500 employees in seven locations. It’s been valued at $8.5 billion and is thus one of the fastest-growing and most valuable software startups worldwide.

Case Study Personio

Personio sees itself as being very well positioned technically, and therefore did not primarily need a tool to expand its technical excellence. What the team around Andreas Feß, Personio's Senior Website Growth & SEO, needed was an overview of the content. Not surprisingly, thanks to successful expansion, rapid growth, and continuous content expansion, Personio ranks in organic search for many thousands of keywords, with its total of six domains in six different languages.

Personio, therefore, implemented Ryte with the aim of obtaining a general overview of the content in order to derive valuable action items. Due to the rapid growth phase in combination with ambitious goals, it’s important for the marketing team to know how specific content performs, how impressions of the brand develop or where there is potential for optimization. The Ryte pillar Search Engine Optimization was ultimately the enabler for these tasks, and it was used daily by the marketing team. The focus of the analyses was above all on anomalies in organic performance, and KPIs such as impressions could be used to optimize keywords on the threshold of the top 10, for example. 

With a high velocity of many content marketing pieces per domain per month, Ryte's pillar Search Engine Optimization not only helps Personio's marketing team optimize existing content or refresh evergreen content. It actually simplifies the workflow through keyword monitoring and automated alerts, among other things. Keyword segmentation, in particular, has helped Personio identify the most impressions and meaningful keywords. Specifically, the use of Ryte's Search Engine Optimization was able to improve the analysis, control and optimization of the glossary and provide the Personio team around Andreas with important insights, e.g. whether the content is better off in the glossary or in the blog. 

Personio trusts Ryte's data and uses the analyses as a basis for the bi-weekly meetings with the content marketing team. Together, they develop new content strategies and identify potentially successful keywords and URLs. 

The use of Ryte has professionalized and structured the work in Personio's content team. For example, "underperformers" are tracked down with Ryte and optimized with regard to the requirements of the SERPs. This is followed by monitoring with Ryte to check whether the optimization has been successful. The change report on keyword and page level also has its fixed place in the calls with the content team. Here, positive and negative developments are analyzed and discussed in detail in order to derive the right measures. 

A workshop with Ryte’s co-founder Marcus Tandler was also decisive for the new workflow. One of the results was that Personio was able to achieve resounding successes in a competitive keyword cluster such as "notice period", and now not only occupies the featured snippet with relevant keywords, but also covers many hundreds of keywords in the Top3 with a single URL.

The hard facts:

In just one year, with the help of the Ryte platform, Personio has increased the organic impressions year over year by 55% and the organic clicks by 51%. Further, Ryte helped Personio win hundreds of Top1 positions as well as Featured Snippets in highly competitive areas such as "notice period".

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