Website-Tuning for BMW Motorsport with Havas

“I have been convinced of Ryte since the times, and I am impressed over and over by the development of the tool and the user-oriented features. At Havas Munich, I established Ryte as one of the first new tools. It posits a valuable and indispensable pillar for professional and insight-driven digital marketing. The team was immediately won over and our digital account manager and content manager now swear by Ryte.”

– Andreas Becker, Director Digital at Havas Munich

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Havas Munich is a creative communication agency that caters to all disciplines of modern marketing.

Company and core competencies

Our goal - and the goal of all Havas agencies in the global network - is simple, but challenging.

“Our mission is to make a meaningful difference to brands, businesses and people”.

The Havas office in Munich, together with FUEL Germany and Providence, drive creative work for renowned national and international customers like BMW Motorsport, BEL Fromagerie, Volvo Cars Germany, Linde, and Weltsparen.

The Challenge

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that communication is relevant, visible, and well-structured. This is especially true online as content is hosted in more complex contexts and vying for attention. We use Ryte predominantly for website quality control and technical analysis. Its versatility as a source of data for UX and architecture optimization, as well as tool-supported copywriting, had us convinced. The proximity to the Ryte Campus is another advantage that we like to use for regular, personal meetings and exchanges with the fantastic Ryte team. The sparring sessions with Marcus Tandler alone is a great experience. He gets to the bottom of our projects so quickly and intensely and motivates us to approach open topics with the same eagerness.

The Implementation

Our biggest project at the moment is managing BMW Motorsport’s online presence. The site is growing at an unprecedented rate. The different motorsports activities deliver new and exciting stories about teams and vehicles each week, and they like to compete with each other’s visibility.

case Havas

When we at Havas took over the supervision of the website, we quickly discovered that we would not be able to structure the content clearly and get a hold of the technical and content errors without the help of multiple tools. The seasonal structure of content and everchanging vehicle models, drivers, and partners meant that broken links and multiple redirects, inhibited website performance, were common.

In addition to using Adobe Analytics as a classic analytics tool, we quickly decided on working with Ryte. With the weekly crawls, we can find new mistakes or faulty redirects almost instantly, as they come up every so often through ad-hoc uploads and live reporting.

Since we have limited access to the CMS backend, we rely on the insights Ryte provides in several reports for site optimization. Here we can then focus on the aspects that we, as editors, hold sway over, but we can also address bugs that then need to be fixed by the central website support of the BMW Group.

We swear by working with Ryte, especially for larger relaunches or changes to the website. Ryte helps you with so many steps in the process - from the first keyword analysis and assessment of potential, to optimizing new copy, and to the quality control after launching to immediately identify and fix bugs before the page hits the search engine ranking.

The integration of Google Search Console data is a real highlight of Ryte. Having historic data available long-term is worth a lot, especially with projects such as BMW Motorsport, since the topics and contents aren’t always relevant but seasonal. Therefore, oftentimes only a year-on-year comparison makes sense when it comes to racing highlights such as the 24h of Le Mans or Nürburgring. The super-simple categorization of keywords and transfer to Search Success monitoring directly from the Search Console data is of great added value since we can create segments for the individual topics, race series, and even vehicle models and develop and monitor keyword strategies for each.

Analysts, creatives, account managers, and copywriters from our team have been working with the tool since its introduction, and the bigger the supervised project, the more exciting it is to work with it. That’s why the colleagues over at BMW Motorsport are absolute Ryte fans - because here, they can follow the success of optimization with their own eyes. Thanks to the Ryte insights we were also able to optimize processes between the individual agency partners and the customers, and in the end we were even able to advise on and implement an extensive restructuring and refresh of the entire portal.

Within a short amount of time after the implementation of Ryte, we were able to fix or at least address all critical errors at BMW Motorsport. Since it is not possible to optimize this much content overnight, we are working on open topics iteratively and in an agile manner: With each report, new problems are placed in a backlog, prioritized by complexity and chance for correction, and solved little by little. This way of working has proven itself and has led to steady success, even if they were just small optimizations. As the Ryte score slowly improves it gives the customer a good feeling and motivates the internal team.

The result

As the lead agency for BMW Motorsport, all of our marketing assets have to be deliver a high-quality, trustworthy experience for visitors.

Since using Ryte for, we have been able to significantly reduce the number of errors like broken links and images, and are now able to provide a user experience without flaws or missing images for the first time in a long time.

When we work together with other agencies, we all now have more well-founded insights in discussions about main topics as well as the targeting of various keywords.


On top of that, Ryte has helped us with:

  • reducing errors through quality control

  • efficiently creating and maintaining keyword directories

  • strategically optimizing written content

The biggest success was getting the approval for a large optimization project based on the insights from Ryte. The entire team is excited to see and measure these results in addition to continuing to create a better user experience with Ryte.