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“I was positively surprised by the clarity of Ryte and the clear prioritisation of recommendations. We will recommend Ryte to our partners.”

- Holger Stripf, Head of Online Marketing at Heinrich Heine GmbH

Learn how to avoid common SEO pitfalls

It’s not surprising that an online shop that has been successfully providing customers from many regions with new trends for many years has a complex website architecture. Heinrich Heine had lost track of all of this. Internal broken links and irrelevant or orphan pages prevented from increasing their sales from organic traffic. It was necessary to check the entire website structure and understand which pages should be prioritised and optimised.

The Success Story

Thanks to Ryte’s High-Performance Crawler, Heinrich Heine was able to discover critical errors in the Website Success module, among many other things.

With the Broken Pages report, many links that lead to irrelevant or outdated pages could be redirected to relevant content, resulting in a simple but effective lever. With Search Success, pages could be identified, and through the integration of Google Analytics, sales values could be matched to ultimately adjust internal links to the most significant pages.

Ryte’s keyword segments also allowed for quick optimisations: keywords relevant to Google users at category level could be identified in no time, content could now be created much more effectively, divided into clear paragraphs and supplemented with an FAQ page as a buying guide. Optimised snippets without generic placeholders complete the picture.

Last but not least, the tool brought to light some hidden categories as well as non-indexable pages with high relevance via the reports “Orphaned Pages” and “Non-indexable pages with high relevance (OPR)”.

The success speaks for itself. Through the aforementioned measures, Heinrich Heine has been able to double its visibility for in Germany from the beginning of 2019 until today.

“With Ryte and the help of Ryte's SEO Expert Izzi Smith, we were able to discover great optimization potential for our website and save a lot of time. Wonderful! Izzi took the time to walk us through Ryte and to review the most important points. That was a great help.”
- Sebastian Simon, SEO Manager of Heinrich Heine GmbH

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