Content power - done Ryte

"Thanks to Ryte, we efficiently structured our content, closely monitored its performance, and effectively optimized it. This has let us give real value to our users where they want it."

- Konrad Welzel, Head of SEO

About Nürnberger Versicherung

Nürnberger Versicherung, a German insurance company established in 1884, employs nearly 5,000 professionals who provide a comprehensive range of insurance and financial services to their clients. The company's portfolio includes life and health insurance as well as financial services. With over 360,000 policyholders, Nürnberger generates more than 260 million euros in annual insurance premiums.

How Ryte ensures content power

The Nürnberger Insurance Company recognized the potential of high-quality content that offers true value to its target audience at an early stage. However, the online marketing team, led by Konrad Welzel, had limited resources for analysis. Until three years ago, the important topic 'SEO' was therefore only briefly on their radar.

Due to intense competition within the insurance industry, however, there was a growing need for creating a strong website content performance strategy. The SEO team sought an effective tool to aid them in this endeavor. Initially, the tool should focus on optimizing their advice blog by determining which advice is helpful and which offers only little value. It should also identify appropriate key performance indicators and offer predictions for improving web pages and their URL structure. Finally, it should detect technical errors across the entire website to create a flawless experience.

Led by Konrad Welzel, the team quickly opted for Ryte, drawn by its holistic approach, with a focus on content, analysis and performance. This focus was especially important to Nürnberger's marketing and editorial team, as they could not find such depth in other SEO tools. Currently, three teams at Nürnberger use Ryte. Smooth onboarding was ensured through multiple introductory events provided to all teams.

Thanks to a personal contact person, each team member has the opportunity to inquire about the tool or reports through chat whenever needed. This is a significant advantage for Konrad Welzel: "In my opinion, the customer service provided by Ryte is truly exceptional. Our dedicated contact person consistently understands our needs and offers practical advice on monitoring and reporting. Consequently, we can fully utilize the Ryte Platform and maximize its benefits."

Thereby the primary focus is on ensuring content quality, managing the advice blog, and optimizing existing articles:

"Using Ryte has enabled us to create content in a more structured and organized manner. We gain valuable insights from our daily analyses, which we directly incorporate into our content. The Keyword Cannibalization Report and the Low-Performer Report have been game changers for us," says Konrad Welzel. He further adds, "Ryte has made our content creation even more efficient, especially through its ability to designate individual segments for one quarter. This has allowed us to deliver precisely the content our target audience needs, creating the perfect user experience."

One of the primary global objectives of the website is to ensure a positive Website User Experience, in addition to content production. Technical error messages and Core Web Vitals reports from the Ryte Platform prove to be valuable resources for Konrad Welzel and his colleagues in attaining these goals. The Ryte Dashboard serves as a crucial tool by offering a concise overview of the issues that require attention and their respective priority levels.

The Nürnberg team is excited to continue using and experimenting with more Ryte features. Accessibility will be a focus for Nürnberg. Konrad Welzel is also looking forward to the upcoming relaunch of the company's website, as Ryte allows the analysis of test pages before they go live.