“The Ryte solution was a key missing part of our technology stack. We've made a better place to shop for art.”

- Amitai Sasson, VP of eCommerce at

Learn how to avoid common SEO pitfalls has successfully built up a customer base over the past few years via email promotions, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, retargeting ads and SMS marketing. However, they failed to maximize their marketing return on investment. After an initial analysis using Google Search Console, discovered thousands of SEO errors that needed to be fixed. They even realized that their Google organic traffic had decreased by 20% since May 2020, right after the May 4th Google update.

The Success Story

In order to drive sales not solely from marketing sources, needed to increase organic website traffic by improving its on-site experience for customers and Google crawlers. With Ryte, performed a complete site analysis and discovered a huge list of on-site SEO issues that required extensive SEO-related code changes.

These fixes included: fixing the sitemap, creating unique titles, adding H1, H2 and H3 tags to pages, adding canonical links where needed, and fixing the site schema layer for products and categories. For the latter, this meant developing SEO-optimized copies for product pages with Ryte’s keyword suggestions and fixing images and their alt tags with the Ryte Website Success alt tag report - a report that makes it easy to identify images that don’t contain an alt tag.

Furthermore, for the first time, was able to analyze their entire website and blog. They found issues that urgently needed fixing such as links that directed users to broken pages. With the Ryte issues reports regarding indexability, was able to fix internal linking and replace all broken links with new 301 redirects. In addition, they changed and optimized many pages with missing or un-optimized metadata by defining the best length. This had a huge impact on their traffic as the meta descriptions now stimulated visitors to click on in the SERPs. You can check the length of your meta descriptions with Ryte’s software. In the module Website Success, click on “Content”, “Description” and “Length”. You will then see the meta descriptions of all crawled pages of your website and how to optimize.

By applying the fixes to the website content, and implementing on-site SEO and in-depth technical fixes, saw significant improvements which showed in a 16% traffic increase and better CTRs which lead to 60% higher turnover.