Search Console on Steroids

"Many tools on the market claim to measure 'visibility,' but their results are based only on their own crawling data and not on real user data. Ryte takes a different approach by relying on real Google data. It's like the Google Search Console on steroids!"

- Markus Käppeli, SEO Manager and Team Lead SEM & Web Analysis

About Möbel Pfister

Möbel Pfister AG is a traditional Swiss furniture dealer with origins dating back to 1882. The company was one of the first to venture into the online space with its own website in the late 1990s. Today, Pfister AG is one of the largest online providers in the Swiss furnishing market, with over 1,550 employees working in its 18 Swiss branches as well as for the online store, which offers around 60,000 items. Since 2020, Möbel Pfister AG has been a subsidiary of XXXLutz Group, one of the world's largest furniture retailers with online shops and local furniture stores.

Search Console on Steroids

With an extensive range of over 60,000 products, the online furniture store is a remarkable place to shop. Markus Käppeli, SEO Manager and Team Lead of SEM & Web Analysis at Pfister, identifies one of the biggest challenges from an SEO standpoint: "Our extensive online selection leaves room for errors or duplicate content. Hence, there's significant potential in optimizing product and category pages. For me, the priority is scalable optimizations. Relying solely on URL-level improvements would be not sufficient to succeed in our website optimization efforts." Markus sought an SEO tool that could facilitate structured adjustments while supporting the marketing team's primary objective for the online shop: more sales.

Choosing Ryte was an easy decision for Markus Käppeli: "Many tools on the market claim to measure 'visibility,' but their results are based only on their own crawling data and not on real user data. Ryte takes a different approach by relying on real Google data. It's like the Google Search Console on steroids!" Furthermore, Markus was familiar with Ryte when it was called One week after connecting with Marcus Tandler on LinkedIn, Pfister's team had access to the tool.

With Ryte, Markus and his team finally have the tools they need to take on five big challenges: 

1. Performance: Markus primarily focuses on monitoring and optimizing Core Web Vitals. The Ryte team has effectively assisted in analyzing and enhancing the CWV in a more structured manner. Simultaneously, Ryte allows for easy tracking of the entire performance data evolution.

2. Optimizing Category Pages: With the Ryte Platform, Pfister's editorial team can create better, more user-focused content. In addition to content monitoring, the ability to conduct A/B testing with Ryte is crucial for Markus. In the future, he plans to conduct more rigorous tests comparing pages with or without text or old versus new text.

3. Quality Assurance through instant issue detection: Markus primarily relies on the dashboard and email notifications about critical issues after each new crawl. Markus has Ryte re-crawl all pages on a weekly base.

4. Optimizing for Google Image Search: The Ryte Platform quickly informs Markus of critical issues related to images, such as missing ALT tags, that need optimization. 

5. Snippet Optimization: Improving snippets with Ryte is particularly important for large-scale optimization. This allows Markus to quickly identify URLs that offer ranking improvements as low-hanging fruit.

For Markus, Ryte will play a significant role in future endeavors, such as implementing website accessibility. He believes that accessibility enhances user-friendliness. Additionally, Markus plans to rely on Ryte for compliance starting in the fall, as Switzerland is introducing a new data protection law that poses new challenges for online businesses.

Markus Käppeli's conclusion after introducing Ryte to the marketing team: "We were able to make use of Ryte quickly after a seamless onboarding. The presence of a dedicated customer support contact was a huge plus, as they proved to be highly helpful in tasks like setting up the crawl. We received prompt and useful responses even when we had questions through the chat. The workshop with Marcus Tandler was a remarkable experience for me. Marcus Tandler is an expert in SEO and WUX. During the workshop, he showcased aspects I would have missed despite my extensive experience in SEO. Ryte has enabled us to systematically focus on customer satisfaction. It assists me in generating new ideas through tracking and optimization while remaining measurable. Another game-changer in our daily work is identifying keyword underperformers. Overall, since implementing Ryte, we have gained a better understanding of both our customers and Google."