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Ryte champions Website User Experience with a new positioning and brand refresh

Ryte underlines its growth path and expansion plans with new positioning and corporate identity

Ryte, the award-winning Website Quality Management company, today announced its new positioning as a Website User Experience (WUX) platform, making it the first company worldwide in this space. Supported by a refreshed brand and new corporate identity, Ryte’s platform will unify the five aspects that are key to Website User Experience: Search Engine Optimization, Quality Assurance, Performance, Accessibility, and Compliance.

With the central importance of websites to business growth today and Google’s repeated statements that User Experience is increasingly being taken into consideration for search engine rankings, the significance of WUX is rapidly increasing. These developments, paired with Ryte’s on-going evolution from an SEO tool into a platform that helps brands and agencies manage websites’ performance holistically, mean that the repositioning of Ryte into a Website User Experience Platform was a natural step.

“The days of SEO as we know it are numbered,” said Ryte Co-Founder and CEO Andy Bruckschloegl. “It's a term that was contrived to represent a practice 15 years ago when the goal was to optimize for search engines. The new way forward is to put the user at the center of not only search, but the entire website experience,” Bruckschloegl added.

Founded in 2012 by Jan Hendrik Merlin Reichenbacher, Andy Bruckschloegl, Marcus Tandler, and Niels Doerje, Ryte was originally named OnPage.org, due to its focus on helping customers improve the ‘On Page’ elements impacting their website rankings and overall performance. Over time, as the industry and the practice of SEO evolved, so did the company -- adding new features and functionality to the platform -- culminating in the rebranding of OnPage.org to Ryte in 2017.

Ryte’s new positioning is underlined by a colorful new logo that was designed to represent the variety of Website User Experience. Ryte’s three core values of simplicity, empowerment and curiosity are visually represented, too: the reduced modern look underscores simplicity -- and in a nod to the previous logo, the well-known “Ryte Check Mark” was simplified, too. The sharp dynamic lines in the logo underline empowerment and Ryte’s mission to empower users to build better websites. And, with the combination of color, sharp lines, and rounded edges, the logo boasts multi-faceted design layers to underscore curiosity. Finally, the use of green in the logo now serves as a visual statement towards Ryte’s commitment to sustainability.

“To reposition the company and to create an amazing new logo and corporate identity that expresses our values and our commitment to sustainability is a proud moment and a great representation of what we stand for as a company and where we want to go,” said CEO Andy Bruckschloegl.

About Ryte

Ryte is an award-winning SaaS company headquartered in Munich, Germany and one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe. Ryte helps businesses and agencies optimize their website user experience with its state-of-the-art software products.

The Ryte Suite, loved by more than one million digital marketers and agencies worldwide, provides users with the 3 essential tools needed to create a more sustainable website: Website Success, Content Success, and Search Success. BotLogs is an innovative alternative to log file analysis, giving SEOs a solution for easy, daily, real-time bot analysis.

Some of the world’s most renowned companies, like Daimler, Allianz, and Sixt, trust in the Ryte technology to reach their website’s full potential. For more information, visit ryte.com.