Core Web Vitals & Mobile: The essential tips & tricks for mobile optimization

Google will soon start using the mobile version of your website for indexing. This means it should now be your highest priority to make sure your website and its content are mobile-friendly!

    What you will learn in this ebook:

    core web vitals
    • How to check if your website is optimized for mobile

    • Tips for fasting loading times and mobile usability

    • How to make your content & layout mobile-friendly

    About the author(s):

    Charlène Groß

    Charlène joined the Ryte team in August 2019. With her experience in SEO and copywriting, which she built up during five years with an agency in Augsburg, she supports the content strategy at Ryte. She is also a passionate baker and fan of outdoor activities.

    Alex Handcock

    Born to English-German parents in a Welsh village with the longest name in Europe, Alex has made it his mission to keep marketing and communication simple and straightforward. With over a decade of B2B marketing and SaaS experience under his belt, Alex is a regular guest speaker at digital marketing conferences throughout Europe. Until July 2021, Alex worked as Head of Growth Marketing at Ryte.