UK Ecommerce Unprepared For Core Web Vitals

We analyzed 184,352 URLs across the top 112 ecommerce domains in the United Kingdom to examine the impact of Core Web Vitals on the British ecommerce sector. The results reveal that most ecommerce businesses were unprepared for Google’s switch, and site rankings will inevitably suffer. Read the study to find out how the 2021 update changed the SEO game.

What you will learn:

  • Why domains are severely underperforming on mobile

  • What our data says about CWV’ true impact on ecommerce

  • How best to quickly measure, evaluate and improve your own site

  • Where most ecommerce companies need to take action

  • How to fix lag issues to boost first input delay

About the authors:

Izzi Smith

Izzi Smith

Product Marketing Lead, Ryte

Izzi enjoys spending her time solving technical SEO mysteries, sharing her knowledge and helping clients create even more fantastic websites for their users and search engines. Izzi has appeared on stage at many of the industry’s top events and conferences across Europe and has been recognised as a top speaker several times. When she’s not optimizing, you can find Izzi in one of Munich’s beer gardens or Netflixing with a beer.

Jamie Beach

Content Marketing Manager, Ryte

As Ryte’s content manager for English, Jamie wrangles words on web. A background in digital journalism and tech marketing makes him a passionate advocate for organic search traffic, with one browser tab always open on GA. Jamie hails from the UK and is based in beautiful Munich, the city of Lederhosen and laptops.