SEO A/B Testing

SEO A/B testing is a powerful new capability which enables marketers and agencies to use real data to check whether their optimization efforts are working.

Which means no more guessing! In this ebook you'll discover how SEO split tests work, the main traps to avoid, and 10 effective A/B tests to start with today.

    What you'll learn in this ebook:

    • What is A/B testing and why it matters

    • The benefits of A/B testing for SEO

    • The main challenges of SEO A/B testing

    • Checklist: 10 SEO A/B tests to run on your website

    About the author(s):

    Izzi Smith, Technical SEO Lead, Ryte

    Izzi enjoys spending her time solving technical SEO mysteries, sharing her knowledge and helping clients create even more fantastic websites for their users and search engines. Izzi has appeared on stage at many of the industry's top events and conferences across Europe and has been recognised as a top speaker several times. When she's not optimising, you can find Izzi in one of Munich's beer gardens or Netflixing with a beer.

    Jamie Beach, Content Manager, Ryte

    As Ryte's content manager for English, Jamie wrangles words on web. A background in digital journalism and tech marketing makes him a passionate advocate for organic search traffic, with one browser tab always open on GA. Jamie hails from the UK and is based in beautiful Munich, the city of Lederhosen and laptops.