Technical SEO Audits

A technical SEO audit checks the search engine optimization of your website, and helps you discover important areas for improvement.

Our guide leads you step-by-step through your SEO audit and the analysis of the most important SEO factors. It helps you to identify critical errors on your website and prioritize appropriate improvement measures.

What you will learn in this ebook:

  • Search engine crawling, indexing and caching

  • Security and encryption

  • Page architecture and internal linking

  • Status codes and redirects

  • The most important OnPage factors to check

  • Page speed and server stability

  • Page experience and mobile friendliness

  • International SEO

  • Local SEO

About the author(s):


Marcus Tandler

Marcus is co-founder and the managing director of Ryte, the award-winning software for your digital marketing success. He frequently speaks at conferences around the world, such as TEDx , LeWeb, The Next Web, SMX and O’Reilly’s web2.0expo.

Miriam Deck

Miriam is Content Marketing Manager at Ryte. Her heart beats for digital marketing, organic performance and of course for good content and websites. When she's not working on new content for Ryte, you can find her hiking, swimming or enjoying dinner with good friends.