Website Success Guide

Search engine optimization is about having a high-quality website that users enjoy spending time on, and that Google can crawl and index easily. There are countless factors to take into consideration to ensure that your website is functioning correctly from both a technical and usability perspective.

This can be overwhelming, which is why we are providing you with a 100-point checklist for a high-quality website in this ebook. Follow the advice to ensure a successful website!

What you will learn in this ebook:

Website success guide
  • Keyword strategy and analysis

  • SSL encryption

  • Image SEO

  • Meta tags, robots.txt, sitemap

  • Status codes

  • Structured Data

  • Content Marketing

  • Website Analysis

Who is this ebook for?

For shop owners, bloggers and web designers

Anyone wanting to learn more about SEO

Anyone wanting to ensure the technical success of their website

SEO beginners and experts

About the author(s):

Irina Hey

Irina is a passionate online marketing expert. She has published numerous articles on website optimization in relevant books and journals. Until April 2018 she worked as a Product Owner of Acquisitions at Ryte.


Eva Wagner

Eva is an experienced content marketer. Until May 2018 she was a member of online marketing team at Ryte. Using her creativity and the knowledge of current topics, she was responsible for the German Ryte Magazine and the Ryte Wiki.